The diplomatic row between the U.S. and India

 diplomatic row between the U.S. and IndiaA new round of diplomatic row between the U.S. and India. Delhi to expel the U.S. ambassador – in response to the arrest in New York, the Indian vice-consul. U.S. authorities accuse Deviyani Hobragade fraud and want to ensure that its business engaged in court. In India itself, however, such a scenario is unlikely to allow. At home greeted as a hero, but was expelled from the United States to shame.

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Pyramidal tower temples in India

VimanaVimana as temple and are shaped buildings pyramidal tower that protect the most sacred place within a religious complex. But also, are “guarded” by doors tower ( Gopuram ) of similar appearance, marking the boundaries of sacred space. In southern India, some religious complexes acquire monumental proportions, including some of the largest Hindu temples in continuous activity, curiously wonder, are hardly known. We look at three resorts in remarkable images:-
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A temple of gold that appears to float in India

temple Golden Temple of Amritsar is great from any angle. It is the holiest site of Sikhism, practiced by 25 million people and is located in the city of Amritsar in India Punjab province of Pakistan yaa half hour.

The Golden Temple in addition to imposing elegance is reflected in the water of their environment, as it is built on a platform in the pool of amrit, precisely to achieve that effect so special. The Golden Temple is the heart of a square surrounding the pond.
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A terrible crash in India.

plane, crash, IndiaIn India, the landing crashed airliner. As a result of the tragedy killed 159 people, seven, or eight of managed to survive. The cause of the crash could be the “human factor” This incident occurred in the Indian city of Mangalore (Karnataka).

Accident occurred at 05:00 Moscow time. When landing the plane, for unclear reasons, yet, he jumped out of the runway, crashed into the adjacent forest and burst into flames.

It is already known, eight people were saved, and they were hospitalized, according to Interfax.