In Antarctica, there was 8000 Lakes

8000 LakesAt first glance, the bright blue spots on a white sheet of Antarctica – a great illustration of the beauty of nature. However, scientists warn that melt ponds in abundance seen in the Antarctic are writing on the wall.

Almost 8000 dazzling blue lakes appeared on the glacier Langhovde in East Antarctica from 2000 to 2013. Newly appeared reservoirs may be a sign that the glacier is doomed. The same lake are observed in Greenland that melts at a much higher rate. Continue reading “In Antarctica, there was 8000 Lakes”

Antarctica vast network of lakes inhabited

 inhabitedStudies in the area of the Dry Valleys McMurdo where millions of years there was no snow, no rain, showed that at a depth of 350 meters, where the temperature drops below freezing, there is a whole network of underground salt lakes.

An even more surprising finding was that the lake appeared to inhabit: they are home to many microbes. Curiously, the traces of microorganisms in groundwater Antarctica visible to the naked eye. Continue reading “Antarctica vast network of lakes inhabited”