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Earth the labor colony with life imprisonment

Old LifeThe information war will determine the fate of all lyudey. Sozhalenie apparent disregard for the facts of the invasion will feel all living young people perceive this kind of information as a fiction. in the universe there is enough time to develop sily.V parasitic nature they adhere to all living organisms, but as always, they are unable to control themselves and their razmnozhenie. Etim must deal with their victims. At this, all the human case, it seemed, would be easy, we are reasonable, but it’s just not rabotaet. Nas lead Medley long and we gradually get used to. Our parasites billions of years old, they understand that ostayuchis invisible, you can spend at least clover thousands of lives. Seasons with loud wars and direct capture long konchilis. Read the rest of this entry »

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