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Times impostors

impostorsThe suite of Napoleon was a man who looks a lot like him. His name was Francois Robo. After the defeat of Napoleon’s armies and the links of the emperor on the island of St Helena Robo returned home. In the autumn of 1818 he suddenly disappeared without telling anyone. For his home fate Francois remained a mystery.

But in the church archives preserved a record: He died on the island of St. Helena. It seems now become clear doubts of people who visited Napoleon on the island after 1818. They believed that the emperor has changed a lot – gait, demeanor and talk.

Moreover, the one who called himself Napoleon, suddenly showed a complete ignorance of the facts which are well known to Napoleon genuine. There is also a personal letter to the commandant of the island with a mysterious phrase: The Emperor has left … Does this mean that on theisland ofSt. Helena Bonaparte replaced the double? It is possible. Read the rest of this entry »

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