The clash of viruses and immune system

immune systemThe human genes in the history of “arms race” between viruses and the immune system. Anti-virus protection and virus proteins, being deceived, developed in the tracks. But the race in which the animals come out until the winners going on.

The arms race – an attribute not only human civilization. The confrontation of viral agents and the immune system of a living organism – an example of a far more inventive, much more ancient and infinite in its essence of the conflict.
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Ancient people just are not extinct because of the immune genes “traitors”

Ancient About 100 thousand years ago the future of humanity was under threat: the genus Homo numbered hardly more than 10 thousand individuals lived exclusively in Africa. Genetic data obtained by researchers at the University of California at San Diego (USA), as the reason for the sharp reduction in the population indicate a bacterial infection. But after a few tens of thousands of years man has spread around the world: it has become possible due to the fact that genĂ³m our ancestors got rid of two genes-“traitors” who cooperate with the infection. Continue reading “Ancient people just are not extinct because of the immune genes “traitors””

Scientists have discovered how the AIDS virus deceives the immune cells

AIDSSpain and Germany have unraveled one of the key mechanisms of immunodeficiency virus in the human body, which will create new treatments for AIDS.
A team led by Javier Martinez-Picado (Javier Martinez-Picado) of the Centre for the Study of AIDS in Barcelona IrsiCaixa described in an article published in the journal PLoS Biology, a previously unknown mechanism of the virus HIV-1 in dendritic cells – a type of immune system cells of human .

These cells are located in the mucous membranes of man, the first meet the infection. They are laughing harmful cells, and then transmit the samples to other immune cells – T lymphocytes, which trigger a full-blown immune response.
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