What are the Illuminati and the fright that in this relationship it should be done?

RelationThe Masons set up a centuries-old empiricism pyramid of organize and they are afraid of losing it – as it is not merely a system for obtaining a particularly elegant goods at the expense of most other citizens, but also a lot of energy recovery system of the cyclically recurring pleasures of human suffering and mass bounded by a special program for the continuation of repetitions and continuous weaning energy,

This is the life support system guiding the Illuminati of the ancient gods, this people in the past … this is designed as a “divine vampirism”? This is similar to how people put fuel in the reactor and for a long time to extract more energy, initiating a controlled nuclear reaction.
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A storm is raging in the Crimea …

stormThe Crimean peninsula remain difficult weather situation, the air temperature -14 degrees, the speed of the north wind 23 – 26 meters per second, gusts up to 35 m / s. De-energized 82 settlements with a total population of people, 56 000 people. Storm raging on February 6 off the coast of Alushta, partially destroyed not only the central waterfront resort, but its south-western part, a well-known “Professor’s Corner.”Here, in addition to most of the damage to various beach structures, retaining walls due to washing away the failures appeared paved road. Part of the center of the promenade, close to schools, “Castel” and rest homes “Sea” and partly sank into the ground in a hole in a length of about 35 meters, a width of about 10 meters and a depth of about 10 meters. Continue reading “A storm is raging in the Crimea …”

Abnormal nanotech myths

Human activity accumulates mythology. Nanotechnology, the fundamental technological project of modern science, is no exception. Moreover, there mifotvorenie As for the essence of things.
Whether it’s an invention in the field of plastic surgery or in the office, which produces hair care products, and possibly involved in nanotechnology subtle mechanisms of the Large Hadron Collider? Directions and, accordingly, the myths that have become overgrown data know-how, here in abundance.
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The miracle of light. Reserve forest.

miracle, lightThe bank of the Desna is wall pine forest. The magnificent forest, lying on the sand arena over the floodplains of the Dnieper and Desna. Everything is beautiful and pristine and there do not need to make an order flowers and gifts on the internet.. They grow and fragrant.. Enjoy all you want.

Northern part of it – it is reserve forest.
Slava Reserve Zalissia brought gold pine forests, white sandy tracts, birch valley, remnants of old oak, green young pine forest, high conservation of grass.
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History and Mysteries of the Illuminati

Just mention the name of this order of the Illuminati is surely an invitation to join the world of engimas, legends and mysteries that arise around this secret society known as the Order of the perfectibility of Iluminados or Bavaria.
History of the Illuminati
It was a secret society founded on May 1, 1776 in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany by the German Adam Weishaupt. Illuminati in Latin means “The Enlightened.”
The Illuminati originated in the pre-cult of Freemasonry and the ancient and medieval world.
After its founding, Adam (Frater Spartacus) had recruited to his cause a great number of thinkers, philosophers, artists, politicians and analysts, attracted students and young people like Adolf von Knigge, who wrote The Rite of Iluminados Bavaria.
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