A mysterious illness has forced an electrician to eat only raw meat

raw meat eatAn American resident of Lexington fell ill and seek medical advice. As the experts have not been able to make a diagnosis, the man took hold of his own treatment. It all started six years ago – says Nancy Derek . – It cost me only to eat, I felt sick. I began to lose weight, so I decided to consult with the doctors. First, they suggested that I have a food allergy, but have not determined what products.

I had no choice but to look for ways to treat themselves. Electric searched the internet for information on patients with similar symptoms, adhered to a vegan diet, developed plans for healing, but to no avail. One man met an acquaintance, who have these symptoms, and he advised Derek try the diet of the Paleolithic or caveman. It was so bad that I was willing to try anything – recognized American. Continue reading “A mysterious illness has forced an electrician to eat only raw meat”

5 flashes mysterious mental illness

mental illnessHundreds of people danced in the streets and started doing pranks by anyone (except, perhaps, the dancers themselves) do not hear the music. They almost did not eat or sleep, sometimes for days, until defeated in the blood of the feet did not refuse to keep them.

Next outbreak occurred in Strasbourg in 1518, when a woman named Frau Troffea suddenly went out and began to dance and could not stop for days. During the week, it joined another 34 people by the end of the month of dancing has risen to 400. Dozens of people have fallen and died from a heart attack, stroke or exhaustion. And in this case, the disease went away so suddenly.
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Snake Woman handed over her daughter’s illness

SnakeA mother of two showed it like a snake sheds its skin because of a rare disease, which resulted in her skin climbed to 14 times faster than in healthy people.

Melanie Bradley is suffering from a rare disease Bullous ichthyosis. Ironically this is transmitted diseases and its 2.5-year-old daughter.

“My skin has climbed so fast that night, I can not lose as much skin as the average person in two weeks,” – says Bradley.

“I covered skin from head to toe. Layer of skin can be so thick that I could hardly move, but at the same time, it is so thin that the slightest shock can cause it to rupture.
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