Miracle of technical ideas – infrared cabin

infrared, cabinInfrared sauna cabin differs from the well-known Finnish pair cabin so that the temperature inside it varies from forty to fifty degrees Celsius. No more. And the humidity there is practically zero. Attend infrared saunas can even elderly people and people. with hypertension ..

65% of buying infrared cabins for personal use. And only 35% – for commercial purposes, according to market analysts. Vendors also acknowledge the fact that our citizens have become much more concerned about their health.
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6 best unembodied technological ideas

The history of IT has many paradoxes, when great ideas to improve the world, not become a reality. Publication PC Advisor offers a list of such ideas.
1. Artificial Intelligence
Period: Late 1950 – present
Once the great scholars of the past thought that they would build the machine, who can think, make decisions, listen and speak.

These ideas gave rise to many science fiction films and books, the plot of which is built on the fact that machines become smarter than humans and begin to destroy them.

However, despite the tremendous advances in the development of technology, artificial intelligence and did not work fully.
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