The Big Collider ready to receive “God particle”

ColliderThe Large Hadron Collider started preparing for the first experiments with lead ions, with which scientists are going to achieve the conditions that prevailed in the event of the universe (after one-trillionth of a second after the Big Bang) and get the “Higgs boson” – “God particle”, which so far only theory. As the press service of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, about a week, scientists produce first collisions of lead ions, which will continue till December 6, and then everything will go away for Christmas holidays. Stopping the run until February 2011. Continue reading “The Big Collider ready to receive “God particle””

We are all come from Hyperborean

There is a legend that in ancient times existed on earth a country Hyperborea. And she was a great and powerful, and its peoples is rich and happy
Alas, now, about this country to speak more science fiction than scientists. Official science does not believe in ancient legends.
But on the other hand, we know that history was rewritten several times – in every age, every government. It turns out that the more ancient times, we learn, the less we do about them accurate information. And very very little is known about the legendary Hyperborea. Continue reading “We are all come from Hyperborean”

How to meet the World Wide Web?

My friends from time to time a question arises. How to get acquainted on the Internet. And I ask them to respond to the question. And why? Well as why. Because so many services and projects -. I, for instance, very much like Mobile Information, as there is everything have been thought or – this project is one of the oldest and most experienced and the base of a man with one of the vastest online.
Why learn to network when you can in real life, seeing a beautiful girl to approach quietly to her, try to meet and start a conversation.
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Hyperborean History

Hyperborean – an enigmatic country, northern, windy but warm. About her a lot has been said, many hypotheses suggested. Doubt that it existed, almost no one left. Of course, there are skeptics who always deny everything, adhering to stereotypes, but the error is entitled to one.

Personally for me, the most authoritative scholar on the topic is Doctor of Philosophy VN Demin. His contribution to the study of Hyperborean simply priceless. Research VN Demin documents, linguistics, folklore, and many others; create a general idea of the ancient civilization. The results of his expeditions to the Kola Peninsula are stunning, and confirm the correctness of the conclusions. But there is one question (as will become clear later, not the least), which, dear me, VN Demin, pays little attention. Namely: the causes of death Hyperborean.
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