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Remarkable information regarding hurricanes

Heavy windHurricanes sometimes it seems we know everything about them. A great many facts regarding hurricanes will be for most of us completely by surprise. Here are some of them:-

Waves caused by the hurricane, can throw a ton of fish to the shore-
It often happens that a fish out of water, storm, get out of the eye sockets. Blame all the sharp pressure drop.
Energy, which has a hurricane, so great that it would be enough to light one of the most exciting cities in the world – Las Vegas for many years. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hurricanes warn humans of the impending catastrophe

SandyNatural disasters are becoming more fearful and less predictable. Scientists believe that in this way the nature of mankind warns of an impending disaster, but humanity does not want to hear it.

In the last decade the development and movement of hurricanes, typhoons, very specific, and often does not fit into the accepted framework of scientists. Hurricane “Sandy” raging now in the U.S. – a convincing proof.
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Secret of Hurricanes

The scientists from the Institute for Space Studies managed to uncover the secret of tropical hurricanes. They examined data from satellites and identified a previously unknown, but having a key feature.
If a hurricane is sharply reduced the amount of water vapor transported by them, during the days he is gaining enormous power and become a deadly threat. It is for this scenario events developed with the hurricane “Katrina” has caused a terrible blow to the U.S. city of New Orleans.
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