Hunting scenes in the Bulgarian Magura cave

Magura caveThus failed to demonstrate how data from other studies can be used in the “genetic archaeology.” The size of the gap between the branches and the length of each branch on the family tree of Y-chromosome can be a lot to tell.

The closer the branches, the faster the population expanded and divided – most likely in different geographic areas. The longer the leg, the longer the groups were divided.
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The hunting of whales

whalesA mythical and symbolic in Basque society, said Julio Caro Baroja left. describe appeared in the first index of history, Diderot and d’Alembert, his image is depicted in coats of many Basque fishing villages and past the mammoth hunts mammals and even impressed since biblical times as deeds are remembered in our coast.

Last year the exhibition was inaugurated Baleazaleak. Whale Hunters in the Naval Museum of Donostia-Untzi Museoa, you can still visit. The exhibition provides an overview of the adventure that Basque fishermen initiated between the twelfth and eighteenth centuries. More than 700 years sailing the seas in search of a fearsome prey left their mark both in the collective imagination as graphical representations of the practice.
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Mystic hunting – the princely privilege..

Mystic, huntingWooded and boggy Forest on the edge of the left bank of the steppe was in ancient times fabulously rich in wild animals.

The first royal beast of our forests – a mammoth. All Siverschina – ance ancient hunting mammoths. There are 15 000 years ago there were religious temples in honor of the Palaeolithic mammoth (Mezin, Kanev). Hunting for a mammoth first brought people a lot of meat, hides, bones, gave impetus to the development of production.

The second king of our land in ancient times – a tour, the legendary Tour – golden horns. Beautiful and strong animal. It was believed that the Tours force second only to elephants.
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Hunting for witches

The words Witch and sorcery known to mankind for more than a thousand years, and what they mean, distributed throughout the world. However, only in Western Europe in the XV-XVII centuries. monomaniacal persecution of witches reached its peak. It was then that the two churches – Protestant and Catholic – declared a witch war, have taken unprecedented proportions. And that is when both churches have called his parishioners to what can be described as massive pogroms, witch-hunting and terrible punishment. According to some reports around 200,000 people – mostly women – were found guilty and hanged or burned at the stake. By the grace of a special sentence of burning at times before the penalty being smothered. Mass hysteria, and prosecution in the history of mankind, as a rule, exist together. Continue reading “Hunting for witches”