The Secret Of Humanity

According to ancient historians, the Romans Etruscans gave musical instruments rostrum and anchor, theater, mining, ceramics and metal, reclamation, a town in Italy, the art of divination and so on. The first kings of Rome were Etruscans: Etruscan pugilists participated in the Roman celebrations. Etruscan shield, spear and armor have also been taken up by… Read more The Secret Of Humanity

Bad news for humanity

Scientists announced the discovery of Kepler-186f, planet 492 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus. Kepler-186f especially since the discovery marks the first planet about the same size as Earth, in a potentially habitable zone – the distance from the star, within which may be liquid water and life. The news said little about what this… Read more Bad news for humanity

The heritage of humanity

UNESCO expresses serious concern about illegal excavations, which are conducted on the territory of Syria. Black archaeologists took advantage of the chaos caused by the civil war for the looting of cultural treasures stored in the Syrian soil. Excavations are in the Sumerian city of Mari in Palmyra and Apamea. Their volume can not be… Read more The heritage of humanity

UFOs as part of a global system of control over humanity

Recent decades have not only the time of the sexual revolution, the environmental crisis, and many other disasters of the century, but time and another mysterious and frightening phenomenon. We are talking about unidentified flying objects. How do people explain the UFO phenomenon? Why these explanations dominated cosmic version? Here, it seems, played a big… Read more UFOs as part of a global system of control over humanity

At most 320,000 mysterious viruses intimidate humanity

A team of U.S.researchers at Columbia University manage to take over a thousand of biological samples of the major flying mammals in the world while studying flying foxes in the jungle of Bangladesh. When laboratory analysis chain reaction using the¬†polymer¬† the scientists were able to identify 58 new viruses. Finely, this number was extrapolated to… Read more At most 320,000 mysterious viruses intimidate humanity