4 scenarios of human evolution

Scientists disagree about whether to continue the evolution of man, wrote Luigi Bignami the pages of La Repubblica. National Geographic Magazine wondered about the future of mankind from an evolutionary point of view: whether people will develop further, or the process has been completed? The publication offers readers four basic scenarios.

In accordance with the first, the evolution has been completed. Supporter of this hypothesis is Jan Tattersoll, an anthropologist at the Museum of Natural History in New York. Scientists say that in accordance with the theory of the evolution of genetic innovation can take place only among isolated populations. And as people spread across the planet rather broadly, it is unlikely that a specific genetic change would be common to all mankind.
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The explanation of the mysteries of the human brain

Soul – the notion of absolute scientific, and stream of consciousness – not a metaphor. Studying the properties of the human brain was the main theme of the general meeting of Russia Academy of Sciences. Scientists today can not only measure the force of ideas, but read them and see through the brain and decipher the mechanism of memory. One can say that today, scientists are closer than ever to solving the mystery of the human brain. To complete the research needed to 32 million years.

In the large hall of Russia Academy of Sciences after the last row has another – scientists are here. You bet! For the best brains tell each other about the latest developments in brain research. There have sometimes sensational statements to their audience: the soul exists! With this, of course, not everybody agrees, but that’s another reason, no one disputes. Continue reading “The explanation of the mysteries of the human brain”

The skin and skeletal system : Hair

Hair, unlike skin color, not used to divide humanity into races. The most important pigment is contained in the hair, as well as in the skin – melanin. The hair of most people contain a sufficient amount of melanin, makes hair dark brown or black color. Some representatives of the white race – shateny or blonds, because they have a small amount of melanin in the hair. Some hair is present red pigment. Its color is apparent in light-haired people in the form of various shades of red hair. With age, the ability of melanin to form a new hair, which continually replaces old hair is often lost. Result – gray or white hair.
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The skin and skeletal system : The shape of the head

Often racial classification used form of the head. If you look at the top of my head, my head is oval in shape, and its length (the forehead to the neck) is greater than the width (the distance from ear to ear). If the length of the forehead to the neck as 100, the width of the head from ear to ear to be equal to some lesser value. If the width will be three-quarters length, this figure will be 75, if four-fifths of length, the figure will be 80.

The width of the head to its length is known as the index cephalization. Naturally, the index cephalization different people varies. People with an index cephalization less than 75, if you look down on them, have a narrow elongated skull, since the width of the skull is less than three-quarters in relation to the length. Continue reading “The skin and skeletal system : The shape of the head”

Under the microscope : Inside chromosomes

Now we are dealing with objects that are so tiny, that we should pause to reflect, to a very small size, we can do one way or another to get to. As we are all living in an age of atomic bombs probably know, the whole world consists of atoms. Atoms – extremely small objects. Chromosome, which is large enough to be noticed with a microscope, contains many billions of atoms.

Atoms are a hundred different types, some of them are easier than others. With few exceptions, the atoms are linked together in groups. Sometimes such a group is composed of atoms of only one type. Most of the group consists of two or more different kinds of atoms. Sometimes these groups can be composed only of two atoms each, sometimes a dozen, sometimes of several million. Continue reading “Under the microscope : Inside chromosomes”

What was told the blood : Race, determined by genes

At the beginning of this book, we said that race – a group of people who like each other more than other groups. We tried to demonstrate that the similarity in characteristics related to the manifestations of culture – language, dress and habits, do not have the concept of direct race relations. Then continue the similarity of physical characteristics.

We explained how our physical characteristics are controlled by genes that we inherit. People with similar genes will have similar physical characteristics. They will be similar to one another.
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What was told the blood : Other blood groups

No need to despair but also about the problems facing married A – whose example we just discussed. Academic, which checks the blood, is not so easy to hold. There are two types of A, called A, and A2, and they can be discerned through careful study. This may help in establishing relationships. (With regard to transfusions, the variety of these have no special significance.)

There are also other blood group substance in red blood cells, which are controlled by different genes. They are inherited independently of genes A, B, and 0.
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Keep the body

In VII century the Arabs conquered Egypt. When the robbery of ancient tombs have been found embalmed body of the dead. In essence, forever keep the body “of man, learned mumiyo.

Egyptian mummies have been the subject of big business. First mumiyo simply scrape with embalmed corpses and exported to other countries, selling at fantastic prices called “mummy grave. In the XII century, Arab traveler Abu al-Latif wrote that “the mummy – a mixture of resin and myrrh, you can buy cheap only in Egypt.
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