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The human body that science can not answer

BodyWe now know about the human body is much more than ever before, but despite the huge number of important studies, many of our features still remains a mystery.

1. Why do we have fingerprints?

Despite the obvious benefits of fingerprints, science really does not know anything about their natural function. Some scientists have developed sophisticated computer models to understand how fingerprints are formed, and although we now know about it, why evolution has given them to us, nothing is unknown.

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When in fact there was a civilization?

civilizationWhen Stephen Mitenev, an archaeologist from the University of Reading (UK), and his team began excavations in the desert, they have almost no hope to find anything there. We thought it was just a garbage dump, – he says. But sometimes in a garbage heap can find something interesting.

When Mitenev told colleagues that he wants to look for parking the Stone Age in southern Jordan, many reacted skeptically to his idea: What we find there? Nothing like there could not be.¬† And were wrong – there Mitenev found ruins of prehistoric settlements. Read the rest of this entry »

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X-Men among us

X-MenDermatologist Peter Itin in their practice faced with an unusual case. Approached by a woman from Switzerland, which is not allowed in the United States. Border services motivated refusal of entry that the woman has no fingerprints.

Regulations require that all entering the United States provided the appropriate services fingerprinting data, but on the fingertips of a Swiss did not have those grooves which have all the others. Peter Itin learned that a woman born, but still did not attach any importance to this feature. The doctor found out that among the relatives of a Swiss have at least eight such people. Read the rest of this entry »

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Out of body journeys

Body journeyExperiments on the out of body were still in the 70s of the twentieth century by the American Society for Psychical Research. As a traveler outside the body, the scientists brought the famous medium, Ph.D. A.Tanu that in some laboratory experiments brilliantly confirmed the reality of this phenomenon:

all that he observed in neighboring areas and at a considerable distance from the laboratory of the states out of body fully matched the description witnesses. Another medium – Christine Whiting, was also found the presence of energy shell A.Tanu so-called dream body. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dragon within human

Dragon with humainRigorous research has not even led to a plausible answer to the question: why dinosaurs disappeared? – While every miserable little thing, such as monitor lizards, preserved, and continues to blatantly bring into disrepute the biosphere. Science does not know so far and what is consciousness, and that is the mind. This is hardly accidental.

However, pay attention to the three-brained person. Them from him, really, at least three: left head, right brain and spinal of bone marrow’s forget. By the way, all the three brains together not only superficially resemble a snake cobra. Why say, he wise as a serpent? That is where the hidden dinosaurs, that’s where the three-headed snakes inhabit the Dragon! Kundalini Serpent. Read the rest of this entry »

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Fourty interesting facts about human emotions and instincts

 emotions1. Emotions are typically defined as a reaction to stimuli and include physiological changes (increased heart rate, activity of some glands, changing respiration rate increased body temperature) that motivate people to act. Simply put, the emotions are feelings of the mind, the equivalent of physical sensations of the body.

2. According to one Greek myth, many amazed the humanity illness struck mankind as a result of negative emotions such as revenge, anger and envy, which were released by the goddess Pandora. Read the rest of this entry »

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Aging – not to wither

HistoryAging – not necessarily become decrepit and wait till the last breath. Scientists have found the animals that age only become stronger and can be considered immortal. While we’re young, we are strong and healthy. Aging, we lose strength, health, ability to reproduce and die. So we usually argue, talking about old age. However, other living organisms that inhabit our planet, may age differently, and in their old age life can not mean weakness, inability to reproduce and die. Therefore, the concept of old age in biology it’s time to redefine and senility body with age – not a law of nature – to such conclusion scientists from the University of Southern Denmark. Read the rest of this entry »

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Unusual and interesting facts about pregnancy

pregnancyPregnancy itself is a wonderful phenomenon – first you have one, and then it turns out that you have two, and this is growing and the second is formed directly in your belly. There are still a lot of strange and wonder how a woman bears a child and what happens to the baby during these 9 months. We have gathered for you 12 strange facts about pregnancy.
1. The longest pregnancy in the world lasted 375 days – more than a year! When this child was born with perfectly normal parameters. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mysteries of the brain

 the brainNow it is not easy to find a person, especially the young, who is not familiar with the process of typing on a computer keyboard. Meanwhile, scientists have discovered many mysteries connected with the workings of the brain through these seemingly simple actions.

American and Japanese psychologists have discovered a mysterious occurrence, disprove a preconceived idea of how the process of skill acquisition, which were not included from birth in the brain in the form of reflexes. Read the rest of this entry »

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Approved implant for monitoring brain

brainIn the United States accepted for the clinical use of the implant, managing the electrical activity of the brain. While these implants are used for the treatment of nervous diseases, but in the future, such devices could be used much more widely. In recent years, electrodes are placed in brain, were used as an experimental treatment of pathological tremor of limbs in Parkinson’s disease, as well as neuro interfaces that help control the paralyzed people robotic manipulators.

New implant approved by the Commission for the control of drugs and nutrients (FDA), is intended for patients suffering from epileptic seizures. Read the rest of this entry »

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