What do we know about the soul?

SoulMore recently, during the atheism, it was thought that such a thing does not exist. Years passed, and some researchers have concluded that the soul – is a kind of immaterial substance, which concluded the ability of a living being to think and feel. But with the end of the XX century in various countries around the world, experiments were conducted, through which we can conclude that the soul does not just exist, it has a number of physical features that resemble the properties of thermal radiation or electromagnetic field. And then, according to the law of conservation of energy, after the death of the physical body, it does not disappear completely, but only goes to another state.

How heavy astral body

Arguing about the soul (also called astral body), I would like to get an answer to one main and two side-issue. The main thing – does it exist at all? And if so, where is and where to move after the physical death of the body? Continue reading “What do we know about the soul?”

Somewhere there is a double

doubleEmbry and Jennifer are not relatives, but they are extremely similar. The two women in the photo never met before and are confident that they are not relatives. But they look exactly the same. Thanks to the site of twins Twin Strangers, 23-year-old from the Embry of Fayetteville, North Carolina, came to meet with the 33-year-old Jennifer in Spring Texas. Both women read about the founder of the site Niamh Gini, which first met her first, and then the second clone, and interested in, and whether they somewhere in his double. Continue reading “Somewhere there is a double”

What diseases will save pomegranate juice

health tipsYou can not eat pomegranate juice in gastritis. Fresh pomegranate juice – one of the most expensive and useful food, it is much more efficient than other fruit juices for healing sound effects on the human body.

*1. Gastrointestinal disorders and anemia. Drink 1/2 cup pomegranate juice 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. Thus it is necessary to comply with suitable diet, preventing constipation. Treatment lasts from 2 to 4 months. A second course can be done in 1 month. Continue reading “What diseases will save pomegranate juice”

Magic reality of dreams

dreamAs noted by numerous mystics and magicians – our dreams and dreams – it’s not what we generally think. Basically, sleep also is an altered state of awareness in relation to wakefulness, so every time a dream we find ourselves in a fully different reality, different from ours.

Our dreams – it’s an entirely dissimilar state of awareness significantly different from the ordinary. Continue reading “Magic reality of dreams”

Scientists have recognized children psychics

 psychicsAdult children often exhibit psychic abilities, such as telepathy and clairvoyance. This conclusion came from the team of experts of the Research Center Raina responsible for reviewing the paranormal.

However, there are a number of independent studies on this topic, conducted at different times in different countries. Continue reading “Scientists have recognized children psychics”

How many years mankind really?

 HumanityGeorge had a reputation as an outstanding historian Sintsell. He lived at the turn of VIII and IX centuries after Christ. Many years Sintsell preached in Palestine, was the personal secretary of the Patriarch of Constantinople Tarasy (784-806 gg.),

After whose death retired to a monastery, where he engaged in literary work. The most important work Sintsella considered Selected chronography. When it was created using the historian works of ancient authors such as Josephus, Manetho and the famous Babylonian priest Berossus, whose works can be found in many highly unusual. Continue reading “How many years mankind really?”

Mysterious numbers influence human

Ancient  numbersSomeone to call any number in the range from 1 to 10, then in most cases the source call number seven. Recently mathematician Alex Bellos tried to verify this fact, gathering statistics, and at the same time to understand why people often choose a certain number and why the different numbers different people react differently.

In an online poll, which had a scientist, was attended by over 44,000 people. Bellos asked them what number is their favorite. Nearly 10 percent of those called the seven. 7.5 percent – three. 60 percent prefer odd numbers. Most unloved was the number 110 because it was not called anybody. Continue reading “Mysterious numbers influence human”

Secrets of the human body and mind

Human body and soulWhere a person goose, striped me and how IQ has stomach? Do we have free will? Offer seven things you probably did not know about himself.

1. You clever belly
This may sound ridiculous, but our stomach more neurons than in some animals in the brain. Scientists sometimes even call it a second brain, more precisely, the third – after spinal. He really is able to think, just more primitive categories than its parent counterpart. All his thoughts are devoted to food, as it digest properly select vitamins and nutrients. Continue reading “Secrets of the human body and mind”

Cloning has led to the creation of new stem cell

CloningStart two research groups independently created unique stem cells from an embryo after cloning adult cells. This technology in the future can be used to generate patient-specific tissue replacement in degenerative diseases, for example, to replace the entire pancreatic tissue in patients with type 1 diabetes.

First stem cell lines from cloned human embryos were reported in May 2013 a team led by an expert in the field of reproductive biology Shoukhrat Mitalipov University of Oregon Health and Sciences in Beaverton. Continue reading “Cloning has led to the creation of new stem cell”

We are waiting for rampant chip?

human chipVery soon the  expect the issuance of universal electronic identity cards, which will replace the passport at the same time, medical insurance, pension card, bank card and other documents. Conspiracy theorists argue that it is the first step to total control over the people. The next step will be the introduction into the human body computer chips.

Think fantasy?
Some time ago, a single organization offered when searching for missing children and adolescents use a special database that will help identify missing and locate them. It turned out that behind this American Masons. Continue reading “We are waiting for rampant chip?”