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Hubble digs glowing galactic worm

galactic wormCharming bright galaxy known as IRAS 23436 5257, it was Space Telescope NASA / European Space Agency “Hubble.” This galaxy is located in the northern constellation Cassiopeia.

Distorted, like a worm structure of this galaxy, most likely, is the result of the collision and subsequent merger of two galaxies. These interactions are fairly common in the universe, and they may include how to capture a small satellite galaxy spiral arms of other galaxies and large collision between two galaxies.

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Astrophysicists specified Hubble constant

The Gravitational lens helped scientists to conduct the most precise measurement to date of the Hubble constant. Article scientists appeared in the journal The Astrophysical Journal, and its outline is given on the site laboratory SLAC, whose staff participated in the work.

In the study of astrophysics studied object B1608 +656, which consists of two galaxies located close to one another. The gravitational field closer to the Earth of a massive object distorts the trajectory of the photons coming from distant galaxies, which leads to the appearance of the effect of the lens (the so-called gravitational lens, or lens Einstein). As a result, the observer sees just four copies of the same object.
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