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Will no longer be a house of horror

The famous Amityville house for supernatural phenomena that led to murder the occupants, in 1974, and was taken to the movies with global diffusion (“The Amityville Horror”)
This house was recently sold to a couple: David D’Antonio and his wife. Both retirees, but active in community issues. It also says that the home is a harmless tourist attraction. And the demons that inhabited it were.
Although not counted more details on the sale of the house knows that this house is worth 1.15 million dollars. It has 5 bedrooms and 3.5 baths Read the rest of this entry »

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Vampire? .. Unbelievable!

The encyclopedia says that there is vampire the American Research Center, founded in 1972 by Stephen Kaplan, who studies the human-vampire, and has published “Professional Guide to vampirologii.”

I admit at once – I reported to the people, vampires treated with great suspicion, thought it was pure mythology, and the books and movies about them – just shocking and “horror stories” to viewers. But because in recent years, I am interested in the alien theme, in particular, the former inhabitants of other planets, then at some point, I was faced with an unusual confession.
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