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3009 year: Humanity horrified to look at ourselves

humanity ,horrifiedThe future generations will be hard to distinguish from the blue or gray aliens from outer space. An unusual match: ufologists, drawing portraits of strangers, and anthropologists, simulating the appearance of our distant descendants, draw one and the same. Why?

FATTY and indifferent

Anthropologists now divided into two great camps. Representatives of a claim that human evolution has ended. And a very long time. Others believe that it is continuing. Yes, and is accelerating.

According to scientists from the first camp, the people of the future virtually no change in appearance. To Enter, say, the XL-first century, and there on the streets are the same as we have today. Well, almost the same. In general, not scary.

– People generally retain their familiar look and a million years – calms Italian anthropologist Giorgio Manzi.
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