Holy Grail mystery and reality.

Holy, GrailA beautiful golden cup set with precious stone, it would probably be more likely to imagine it as a simple timber, as we have just “seen” in the legendary film series’ Indiana Jones “…
The Templars, in their long, grueling crusades, have imagined the cup of Jesus Christ as something unattainable, therefore many have created wandering around her.
What we really know? In the New Testament we receive the words of Jesus rather tricky way. It is true that Jesus did drink his friends and brothers, the Apostles, of its cut – but he does not say that with this gesture, they would have been drinking “his blood” and to be saved before the Lord (source of this new work “Into the Light – a message of humanity ultrastructure) – he would rather welcomed this way these faithful friends. Continue reading “Holy Grail mystery and reality.”