Malaysian Boeing plane fell into a hole in time?

Malaysian BoeingVanished liner may declare decades later. This has already happened. DC-3 plane, missing In 1939 year on the way from Rio de Janeiro, Havana, 55 years later landed at the airport in the Colombian capital of Bogota. This story recently spread through Internet, along with its accompanying creepy details.

They say that Douglas suddenly appeared on the radar screen. Landing, miraculously faced soaring liner. And when on board nowhere seized aircraft climbed workers aeronautical services, we saw that sit in chairs skeletons. All – 36 passengers. Continue reading “Malaysian Boeing plane fell into a hole in time?”

Type of weather change causes a hole in the crust of the earth?

Temperature changeThe Atlantic Ocean about halfway between the Cape Verde Islands and the Caribbean. At this point in the earth’s crust, usually under the oceans reaches a thickness of 6-7 km, for some reason, just was missing.

Usually, when tectonic plates diverge, the space between them is filled with a rising from the depths of the mantle material, which is molten, magma forms, but in this place something has broken down, and the earth’s crust, apparently, has not recovered, – said the scientists. Continue reading “Type of weather change causes a hole in the crust of the earth?”

Hole on the sun continues to rise

coronal holeCoronal hole in the southern hemisphere, the sun continue to rise and spewing streams of solar wind into space. This picture was taken by NASA satellites, the morning of 23 January.

Coronal holes are places in the solar impression, where the sun’s magnetic field opens and allows the solar wind to erupt into space. Solar wind stream flowing from this coronal hole is expected to reach Earth’s orbit on January 26-27. Will this crushing blow to our planet, scientists can not yet say.

Secrets of the Devil’s Hole.

Devil'sThe Delaware River, which flows in Pennsylvania. This river and its floodplain like a off-putting mountainous area where there is a black hole “as it were, to nowhere.” None of the citizens has no idea how deep it is.

Most people consider that the black hole leads to the lair of the Devil in Hell.. The mountains that surround the hole have their own shades of votes. In all the tourists. Wandered into this area, this sound brings chilling fear, because at times, without a special reason rocks emit low-frequency sounds lingering in rather wide ranges of tone and volume.
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On Mars, found the glass dome?

DomeThe nature of scientists has not been able to set up. In the low-resolution photos taken with CTX, the item was visible absolutely correct geometrical shape. He was in the vicinity of the volcano Pagonis, located near the equator of Mars.
Who examine images sent from the Martian orbit automatic station Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), has attracted something very strange. It looked very awkward object in the middle of the snowy expanses of the neighboring planet – a kind of foreign body. And from the heights like an artificial structure – a brilliant sun-glass dome.
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A black hole in Guatemala

black, holeIn Guatemala, in the central part of the capital, formed an unimaginably large failure. In an almost perfectly smooth funnel shape with a diameter of almost 30 meters and a depth of more than sixty meters failed completely three-story house. While there is information about a lost man.

According to scientists, the appearance of a huge hole – the result of tropical cyclone “Agatha”, which has caused landslides and flooding? Poor drainage system, apparently, could not stand the excessive load. Guatemala is not the first time confronted with a similar phenomenon – 3 years ago, a similar hole swallowed once 3 buildings.