Russian HIV Drug Supplies Are Running Out

In the regions of Russia, due to procurement problems, the most important drug for HIV-positive patients, lamivudine, is ending. It is reported by RIA Novato on Monday, September 16.

According to the agency, over the past six months, drug suppliers have not been able to bid at the Ministry of Health auctions for the purchase of medicine three times because of low prices. For the fourth time, the cost of the drug at auction has increased, but now suppliers of lamivudine may not have time to meet the deadline – in 11 regions, stocks of the drug will be running out by the end of September, and it is almost gone in Russian pharmacies. In 19 regions, lamivudine will be enough until mid-October, in some – until the end of the year. Continue reading “Russian HIV Drug Supplies Are Running Out”

Removing the deception of HIV-AIDS

AIDSHIV-AIDS has for all time been a contentious disease. There is increasing medical report irregularity in the test for the disease (test 5 different exist in different countries), and in the treatment thereof. Here are two interesting interview on this issue.

Did you know that many positiveness live well?
And healthy for many years without taking any medication?
A documentary that explains many things you probably do not know.
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