Russian HIV Drug Supplies Are Running Out

In the regions of Russia, due to procurement problems, the most important drug for HIV-positive patients, lamivudine, is ending. It is reported by RIA Novato on Monday, September 16.

According to the agency, over the past six months, drug suppliers have not been able to bid at the Ministry of Health auctions for the purchase of medicine three times because of low prices. For the fourth time, the cost of the drug at auction has increased, but now suppliers of lamivudine may not have time to meet the deadline – in 11 regions, stocks of the drug will be running out by the end of September, and it is almost gone in Russian pharmacies. In 19 regions, lamivudine will be enough until mid-October, in some – until the end of the year. Continue reading “Russian HIV Drug Supplies Are Running Out”

New HIV Strain Discovered

For the first time in 19 years, a team of scientists discovered a new strain of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Abbott Laboratories conducted a study with the University of Missouri, Kansas City, and concluded that the new strain is part of the M group version of HIV-1, the family of viral sub types that cause the global HIV pandemic. Continue reading “New HIV Strain Discovered”

Biological warfare and its evolution: the HIV project

The history of biological warfare (BW) can be divided into three parts ancient history, modern history and what we call “this”. Ancient history begins far beyond what we think a priori and lasts until the end of the twentieth century. Just to give an example, the first documented use of biological warfare dates back to Roman times that used animal carcasses to contaminate enemy water supplies. At that time the idea was behind this kind of attack was a weakened enemy is an enemy easy to defeat … Since then and until now have been many changes, and far-reaching. To explain the modern history and present, need to continue this article, it is interesting to focus our attention on the movements of the United States, and their universal impact in the last 50 years especially in politics.
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The HIV epidemic

human ,immunodeficiency ,VirusThe economic disaster swept the epidemic of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV / AIDS), mainly among drug users, reported on Saturday the Ministry of Health of the country.
Since 2011 Greece is experiencing an unprecedented spread of HIV among people who use drugs intravenously, in the heart of Athens, increase in the incidence was 1500% by the end of the year. In past years, the number of infections was very low – 10-15 per year – said in a press release from the Ministry of Health.
In the four years already registered 115 cases of infection among drug users, but for 2012 they are expected to more than 300.
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HIV does not cause AIDS

AIDS,HIVHIV does not lead to anything. Shocking lie that HIV – the only cause of AIDS, has been fully accepted by the scientific community and the public later.

But HIV – the virus is very weak not able to destroy the immune system. The assertion that AIDS is sexually transmitted – also a lie.

There are two types of viruses. Let’s call the first, using an aviation analogy, the “pilot”, and the other “passengers”. The pilot is able to change the nature of the cell and cause the body to the disease, which usually occurs rapidly, once the virus begins to reproduction in cells. Passengers also lives at the expense of cells exists in it, but not destroy it.
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