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Native daughter of Adolf Hitler

Hitler DoughterDo not cease rumors that German Chancellor Angela Merkel – native daughter of Adolf Hitler. She was born from frozen sperm Fuhrer, as well aware of U.S. intelligence agencies. Moreover, they had a hand in order to grow a new Hitler in a skirt.

Gave birth to a sister of Eva Braun

According to data published in the Western press, the idea to make some more children belonged to the famous Hitler in Nazi Germany gynecologist Carl Clauberg, who conducted experiments on artificial breeding of people. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Spear of Longinus

LonginusThis evening of March 1938, in Treasury Chamber of the Halfback Palace in Vienna, there were no guards to monitor the relics of the Holy Roman Empire, which belonged to the Habsburgs. Adolf Hitler was free to move in the great hall which had disturbed his dreams for over a quarter century. The Heilige Lance (“Lance Sacred”), which selont legend, was used by Longinus to Praetorian pierced Christ’s side was crucified, desomais between his hands.The hands of dictators lifted the lid of crystal which closed the window, she moved the prtection red velvet, and caressed the tip of the weapon, yet extraordinarily sharp, pui, after a moment’s hesitation, he and taken up to heaven.
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DNA analysis of Hitler shocked scientists

Hitler, shocked, scientistsIt turned out that the Fuhrer was bleeding blood of Jews and blacks, the extermination of which for the head of Nazi Germany was an obsession during the entire period of his reign.
It is worth noting that the main purpose of researchers have studied the DNA dictator was not to determine its roots, and the final determination of the existence of Hitler’s son from a French peasant.
The opening was the result of the investigation, which initiated the German edition Knack journalist Jean-Paul Murders. Read the rest of this entry »

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