Secrets Gold slides

In the locality of the village Balandin, where Gold Hill and opened nine new caves archaeologist Jurin, I went to the corporation with the regional ethnographer. He told me in passing about these places. Rocks these belted river Miass, Gold slide are called for a reason. Two hundred years ago the Cossack settlers justified here… Read more Secrets Gold slides

History of human greed

Archaeologists think that the first gold mines in the Middle East have appeared around 2000 BC. They were sent as slaves, and the most distinguished criminals. Working conditions were such that almost nobody has been able to survive there for more than three years. To replace the lost column drove whole new miners.   Discover… Read more History of human greed

Who started the war?

World War II began just 21 years after the end of the first, which ended in the complete defeat of Germany. The Germans were forced to pay the victorious giant reparations. Moreover, in 1919 signed the Treaty of Versailles for bade them to have a land army of more than 100,000 people, as well as… Read more Who started the war?

500 years before Columbus

Scientists have long recognized that the Vikings in the X century were in North America. First in 986 Erik the Red founded a colony in Green land. And soon after the ship caught in a storm one of the colonists – Bjorn Horlfsona – washed up on the shores of an unknown land. Returning to… Read more 500 years before Columbus