History of Mao

This huge biography of Mao, the work of a married couple formed by a writer and a historian, aims to present itself as an essential book about the founder of the Chinese communist regime. It is in terms of the documentation handled and the interviews conducted by the authors, although it has numerous literary features that try to delve into Mao’s psychology, which offers a portrait of a ruthless and thirsty leader of power.

Throughout these pages you can see the hand of Jung Chang, the author of Wild Swans , one of the most popular novels about Mao’s China. Chang suffered in his own flesh the humiliations of the Cultural Revolution, for which he had had a previous enthusiasm. Perhaps this book was born as an attempt to delve into the figure of the man who quickly modernized China without caring about the price of millions of lives. That same leader captivated the writer in her youth, although from that idealized image there is only one monster left who can sacrifice everyone, including her own family, for the sake of her personal ambition. Continue reading “History of Mao”

Chile’s secret history

Chile's historyI had an interest in the social aspect, in the ways that a person can contribute to their community and here I am, suddenly doing something that seems to make sense to many, helping to foster reflection on our past, our identity and our present through a noble vehicle: the history of this country, helping to build a bridge between our life as a country, our historians and ordinary people, like me, seems like a dream.
This is the balance that the writer Jorge Bardot (The interior war, Sync) makes of the last three years, in which he was dedicated almost exclusively to write the trilogy Secret History of Chile. An ambitious nonfiction work whose first two titles have sold 200 thousand copies to date; something completely atypical in a market like Chile. And that now closes with the arrival of the third installment to the national bookstores, with a first edition of 30 thousand copies, edited by Sudamericana.
A literary adventure that left no one indifferent and that more than once earned him harsh criticism. Some people do not understand that raising different points of view is not ‘destroy our values and our heroes’, but open the discussion, review and reflection on aspects not very touched massively and urgently need to be put on the table to understand each other better That there is a debt between our history and ordinary people, a distance that is urgent to shorten, says Baradit.History is political, it must be constantly discussed and reviewed, it is not written in marble and it is always changing with new research and discoveries, it is essential that it be on our contingent discussion table because it is finally reflected and it is about today, adds . Continue reading “Chile’s secret history”

The Kaddish Prayer Of Death

KaddishWhy do Jews read grieving Kaddish at the funeral? Why do Jews read Kaddish, crying at a funeral? The Kaddish prayer of death is one of the most famous prayers during and after the burial service

It is important to remember that, like Catholics, we often criticize other religions, because we pray for the deceased. It is often overlooked that Christianity not only opened one day, its roots can be found in the Jewish religion and practice of the temple. The Jewish practice of praying for the dead can be found in the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament. Moreover, Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity, came to this world as a Jew, and was raised and practiced the Jewish traditions according to 2 Mk 12: 44 because if I had not expected the fallen ones to rise, it would be futile and foolish to pray for them in death, the prayer for the resurrection of the dead was already accepted by Jewish practice. Continue reading “The Kaddish Prayer Of Death”

Historical references to the magic wand

 magic wandThe form in which it was used in Europe, is just one of the links in the whole system of magical devices.   Its prototype, of course, existed in ancient times; however, it is impossible to establish a direct link between the ancient ways of its application, and those we meet in Europe in the late Middle Ages.

By itself, this image has been known since ancient times archaeologists ancient rock paintings have been found, which show figures holding sticks, and subsequently, many Indo-European peoples portrayed their gods with various objects in their hands, symbolizing their power, and had stories about all sorts of magic wand. Continue reading “Historical references to the magic wand”

World most mysterious disappearances in history

mysterious disappearances in history** Garigou Krikor

Garigou Born in Jerusalem December 20, 1947. In his student years, he migrated to the land of their ancestors in Yerevan, went to college and immersed in the study of ancient languages. And in 1972 he managed to get to France, where he stayed forever.

Krikor was a poet, but not memorable poems. Bohemia knew him as a fanatical collector: in addition to a huge number of paintings, he was the owner of one of the world’s largest collection of icons. For public Garigou was a generous patron of the arts (thanks to a huge state). And learned people thought he was a qualified art historian. In general, the audience loved it. Continue reading “World most mysterious disappearances in history”

We do not matter!

 matterThe universe takes time, according to the Spanish physicist . In this article, should be singled out: The fact is that at the end of the XX century, scientists have made a sensational discovery: our universe is not just expanding, but doing it with acceleration.

To detect this effect, scientists began in 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics. What propels the universe? This phenomenon has become one of the biggest mysteries of nature, over which for nearly 20 years fighting physics. They introduced the concept of dark energy and that she attributed to the effect of acceleration. Continue reading “We do not matter!”

The Most Famous in the History of Curses

cursesThe belief in omens and spirits, or far left as a child, or expressed in over the left shoulder and three-time rapping on wood, no more. But sometimes happens is that you begin to understand that everything in the world, there is something from which fails to protect or call the police, or traumatic gun under the pillow or communications in the higher echelons of power.

1. Curse of Otzi

In 1991, a group of climbers went to conquer one of the Alpine peaks in the Otztal Valley, found in the ice half vmerzshie human remains. Deciding that it was one of the victims of avalanches and blizzards, climbers have learned body with ice axes and sent to the morgue. Continue reading “The Most Famous in the History of Curses”

Unknown History of Normandy Landing

Larry Collins On Tuesday, June 6, 1944 began to change the course of World War II. Nearly two hundred thousand men from the US, Canada, Britain and France, and more than five thousand ships supported from the air by as many aircraft as fit in the sky over the English Channel, invaded Normandy.

The main protagonists of one of the greatest epic journeys of history were the Minister Winston Churchill and Eisenhower, Montgomery and Patton, the side of the Allies; and Rommel, Goering and general, under Hitler, the German side. Continue reading “Unknown History of Normandy Landing”

The world should not have known about it

WorldThe Central Intelligence Agency CIA and the United States concerning the elimination of President John F. Kennedy, November 22, 1963 in Dallas. Possibly in kilograms dossier hidden authentic mechanism of this political assassination, and perhaps they just support the version of the lone assassin.

But that’s why for almost 50 years to hide under security cataloging information if it only confirms the official edition of events? So what exactly hide these documents: clumsy work of detectives and … involvement in the kill of the state? Perhaps the world will know about it in 2017, when the said documents should be declassified. However, it is also possible that the CIA will extend their privacy. Such a right he has.  Continue reading “The world should not have known about it”

Victory Low lands

Envision ourselves in the XVI century in the Low Countries, how to translate the name Netherlands. Opening of a great game of chess history is this: the territory belongs to Spain, among the inhabitants of the Netherlands is becoming more popular Protestantism. And its track is perhaps the most essential and anti-papal – Calvinism. Yes, Calvin of Geneva has already cleansed the temple of the city of icons and statues of the saints, from all sorts of images of Christ and the apostles. Continue reading “Victory Low lands”