The highest mountains in the world

Four people(2 male and 2 female)from bangladesh discover the world hight mountain everest congratulation both of them some of height mountain as below:

10.Annapurna, Nepal (8091 meters). This Annapurna massif of Nepal was the first summit of 8,000 meters to be climbed by a human. Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal in 1950.

It is considered the most dangerous mountain to climb in the world, with a range of 40% mortality, having died in their attempt two Spanish in recent years because in 2008 IƱaki Ochoa de Olza died of cerebral edema and pulmonary I brought the fact of being exposed to heights limits for life for longer than recommended. On the other hand, the April 29, 2010 died Tolo Calafat.
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