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That hide the cemetery space

spaceThe next time you look up into the night sky, remember that you are looking at the cemetery. The Milky Way is littered with dead stars – from black holes and neutron stars to dim white dwarfs. Often these stellar corpses tell a little about his past. But sometimes they shed light on how they – and the planets that were close – lived and died. What does this say about the distant stars – even the Earth orbit is a dump dead space technology. March 17, 1958 The United States launched Vanguard I – the fourth satellite is created by man, and the first solar-powered – on a medium earth orbit. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hide and seek with the gods

CivilizationThe study of the two great ancient civilizations -(1) the Maya and (2)Aztecs, researchers invariably turn to mention a few other cultures, not less mysterious.
It is for certain is known only by the fact that the Aztecs did not build its famous Teotihuacan pyramids, whose age is estimated presumably more than two thousand years. Following the legend, the ancient Indian leaders found among the virgin forests completely empty and lifeless, but surprisingly
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