Heritage swashbuckling times

Heritage The first half of the twentieth century in Russia was overflowing with dramatic events: During the First World War was followed by a revolution, and the representatives of the new regime began to impose its authority by fire and sword. Those times for our country were scary how many people perished in the prison dungeons and camps, died in battle …

It is worth to come to any Russian city, as you definitely will tell at least one mystical story associated with the grim era.  Continue reading “Heritage swashbuckling times”

The heritage of humanity

the heritage UNESCO expresses serious concern about illegal excavations, which are conducted on the territory of Syria. Black archaeologists took advantage of the chaos caused by the civil war for the looting of cultural treasures stored in the Syrian soil.

Excavations are in the Sumerian city of Mari in Palmyra and Apamea. Their volume can not be described. Ancient Apamea completely destroyed, Continue reading “The heritage of humanity”