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Hot dome will cover the south western United States, the heat will rise to 50 ° C

TempatureRidge of high pressure will cause a rise in temperature in most of the western United States, from Arizona and California, north to the border of the United States and Canada, according to Weather Space.

It can also bring the first monsoon storms in the region, as it captures the abnormally large ridge of high pressure. Temperature of 38 C in the Phoenix will rise to +46, + 49 C along the Colorado River Valley. Read the rest of this entry »

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Abnormal heat and cold

Abnormal, heat , coldWeather on Earth is becoming more unpredictable. Blame whether this El Nino or secret military research, as alleged supporters of the conspiracy theories is unknown. But facts are facts.

Nearly 200 people died as a result of abnormally cold weather, established in several States of South America. Temperatures average dropped to minus-23 degrees.

From hypothermia only in the beginning of this week in Argentina, killing 16 people in Bolivia – 18, in Paraguay – 5, Brazil – 9, Peru – 112 and two in Chile and Uruguay Vesti reports.
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In the future, the planet awaits deadly heat stroke

heat, strokeWorst of plausible scenarios of global warming: some regions of the world could warm up to temperature, unbearable to the human body.

Speaking somewhat simplistically, the temperature of wet bulb temperature can be called a moisture evaporates under these conditions with its surface. However, you can describe it is even simpler: the figure to some extent transmits sensations wet skin in the open air. It depends not only on the current absolute temperature, but also on humidity, and is usually measured on the thermometer just wrapped a damp cloth and strongly blowing his air.
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