For what man hair?

HairIn America, after the research, the information about hair has been hidden since the Vietnam War. Our culture tells people that hairstyle – it’s a personal preference, that hair style – it’s fashion and / or convenience, and that how people wear their hair – it’s just a cosmetic issue. Going back to the period of the Vietnam War, you may find a different picture that is hidden from most people.

At the beginning of the 90 Sally was married to a psychologist who has worked in the Medical Hospital Department of Veterans Affairs. He worked with combat veterans with post traumatic stress disorder. Most of them served in Vietnam … Sally said:- I clearly remember the night when my husband came home, holding a thick folder of the official form. Inside were hundreds of pages of government studies. Her husband was shocked at the content. What he read in those documents completely changed his life.

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Samuel Mullet given 15 years in prison for hair cutting hate crimes

MulletAmish leader Samuel Mullet who shares a last name with a notoriously unfashionable hairdo was sentenced to prison time after ordering hair cutting attacks that a judge ruled were hate crimes because of their religious nature. Samuel Mullet and 15 of his followers were given prison sentences after being convicted of the five attacks, during which the followers allegedly forcibly cut the hair of men and women.

The Amish forbid their female members to cut their hair and instruct men to grow beards after marriage.
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The mystery of sleep is hidden in the hair

mysteryThe study, published in the journal Communications of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), showed that hair follicles contain a report on the activity of genes that govern us when we wake up and when we sleep.Tracking the progress of your internal clock can be as easy as pulling the hair from his beard or eyebrows, say scientists
The results can be used for diagnosis and study of
disorders and conditions such as desynchronizes (violation of the circadian rhythm of the body).
Whether you’re a night owl or morning lark – your sleep-wake cycle is largely controlled by genes, in other words, the clock mechanism genes. Throughout the day, these genes change their activity, exposing the internal clock, enabling our circadian rhythms.
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The skin and skeletal system : Hair

Hair, unlike skin color, not used to divide humanity into races. The most important pigment is contained in the hair, as well as in the skin – melanin. The hair of most people contain a sufficient amount of melanin, makes hair dark brown or black color. Some representatives of the white race – shateny or blonds, because they have a small amount of melanin in the hair. Some hair is present red pigment. Its color is apparent in light-haired people in the form of various shades of red hair. With age, the ability of melanin to form a new hair, which continually replaces old hair is often lost. Result – gray or white hair.
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