Suicide? Guatemala on people return to steaming volcanoes!

Residents were evacuated from the foothills of the day before yesterday suddenly puffed Fuego volcano (Guatemala), began to return to their homes, despite the prohibitions of the rescuers.

The reason for the return of people to their homes was that the activity of the volcano has decreased – it became the project smaller smoke. However, it surprised the rescuers, who did not believe in the future behaviors of the elements – from the crater of the volcano can politsya lava. Despite the warnings of emergency workers, many residents do not even want to listen to experts, and some appeared to have returned to their homes, “deserting” even during the evacuation. Continue reading “Suicide? Guatemala on people return to steaming volcanoes!”

A black hole in Guatemala

black, holeIn Guatemala, in the central part of the capital, formed an unimaginably large failure. In an almost perfectly smooth funnel shape with a diameter of almost 30 meters and a depth of more than sixty meters failed completely three-story house. While there is information about a lost man.

According to scientists, the appearance of a huge hole – the result of tropical cyclone “Agatha”, which has caused landslides and flooding? Poor drainage system, apparently, could not stand the excessive load. Guatemala is not the first time confronted with a similar phenomenon – 3 years ago, a similar hole swallowed once 3 buildings.