Scientists offer artificially induce rain in Crimea

rainAmong experts there is no consensus on how to save and efficiently, without harm to the environment or sources of water Crimea.

Some experts are inclined to believe that in the east of the peninsula seawater desalination is no alternative, and offer master the technology of artificial precipitation invocation. Others disagree. But all united in the fact that we need a mathematical model of the water balance of the country. After overlap Ukraine North Crimean Canal main source of water for the Kerch Peninsula, Feodosia and Sudak water intake should be three to Dzhankojsky Nizhnegorsky and regions of the Crimea, construction of which began last fall. According to the calculations they can deliver about 195 thousand cubic meters of water per day. Continue reading “Scientists offer artificially induce rain in Crimea”

Find and neutralize toxins in the groundwater

the groundwaterThe major city there are hundreds of places where the soil had once been seriously polluted by industrial and domestic waste , and also suffered because of leaking fuel.

Chemical contaminants are not trapped in the water directly, more often than not mysteriously disappear and retract into the ground, passing through tiny cracks in the soil, accumulate and eventually begin to slowly poison the groundwater.
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