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Green Noise

Green effectThe world did not have plants – it’s hard to say now looked as if life on our planet. However, these silent friends accompanied at all stages of its development, providing them with free food, fuel and medicine. And people initially appreciated that. Many people believe that trees and grasses have a soul, and therefore did not break branches for fun.

Sometimes even whole groves declared sacred, and it was considered a great sin to harm any of these trees. According to religious worldviews of people from different countries, the human soul after death migrates into trees. Buddhists, for example, believe that to realization in the body of the Buddha spent 23 of his soul lives in a variety of trees. Indigenous Australians can even clearly specify which tree it had settled their soul deceased relative, and the people of China are planting trees in cemeteries, the souls of the dead could find shelter there.

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Green tea can bring the body not only benefit

TeaGreen tea is good for health. But recent scientific findings suggest that it is not always the case.
Experts from the United States found that some components of green tea may be difficult to influence the structure of the bones.

An experiment was conducted on laboratory mice. Rodents within 6 weeks were given green tea extract. As a result, bone mass they have decreased significantly compared to the control group of rodents.
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The island of Bermuda and a little green

Island, BermudaWhat keeps the secrets of a small piece of land next to the big city. While Rostov experts on UFOs and the paranormal puzzled over phenomenon de Sales, directly from them at hand, within the boundaries of the regional capital, was lying area, comparable perhaps to degree of abnormality, not only with the infamous de Sales, but even with the famous M-sky triangle.

What is the official name of this zone will (if it gets!), It is not clear. But most of all – something like – under the name of a small island in the middle of the Don, which became the focus of mysterious and unexplained phenomena.
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