The great mysteries of the soul

soulDo souls can really is people in the world of the living? And if this is true, this means the death of the human body – life does not end? In 2013, American and Japanese scientists said that after twenty-seven years of research, they finally managed to uncover the mystery of the soul.

With the help of special devices, they not only managed to capture the output of the soul from the body, but determined matter of which it is composed. Continue reading “The great mysteries of the soul”

The pyramids of Bosnia, the great controversy

Pyramid Bosnia controversial In the depths of Bosnia, in the small town  about 15 kilometers northwest of Sarajevo, is the largest pyramid in the world and oldest. Although the ancient pyramids are not entirely unknown in Europe, like France that are the remains of a small pyramid and also can also find two in Greece and one in Italy. But the difference is that it is a pyramid 12,000 years old and 220 feet high compared to the Great Pyramid of Egypt more than 6,000 years old and 147 feet high. But who could build the pyramids in Europe? … If these pyramids were officially cataloged have to rewrite history. Continue reading “The pyramids of Bosnia, the great controversy”

The Great Pyramids of Giza

Pyramids of GizaThe Seven Wonders of the WorldPyramids of Egypt”. The most famous pyramids. They have so far are in Giza. The three pyramids called The Great Pyramids of Giza.

The largest of the three pyramidsPyramid of Cheops. Its height is about 146 meters. They built this great pyramid 20 years. Great Pyramid of Giza is natural rocky hill. Elevation height – 9 meters. Continue reading “The Great Pyramids of Giza”

The great mysterious of the ancient temples Bakshaev

Bakshaev,templesThe ancient and magical effect on people’s lives of the oldest temples and colleague says Vitali Kimovich and archaeologist from St. Petersburg Alex Lingaliu. According to , by visiting the New Bayramgulovskogo settlement expeditions, some participants changed their place of work, residence, found their soul mate, free from physical and spiritual ailments.
Humanity has not yet reached a level of development to capture the manifestation of different energies in the world around us, but they feel the impact on their fate could…
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The jewels of Alexander the Great found in Bulgaria

treasureThe age of gold is estimated fourth century BC. In Bulgaria, the approximate cost of discovery – a few million dollars in the village of Sveshtari, 400 kilometers from Sofia found a cache of unique treasures. Experts believe that the relatives of the legendary treasure of Alexander the Great.

Suddenly found treasures. Archaeologists were the usual digs in the largest of the 150 ancient tombs of the Goths, an ancient Thracian warrior people. The tombs were discovered in 1982 and are protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Fund. Suddenly, one of the researchers came across half-rotted wooden box.
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The Great Sea Serpent

Great Sea Serpent3000 years there is a legend of the great sea serpent. Even though 300 years have seen him a thousand times, the official science pretends that it is not. It can be seen to recognize the existence of this animal, scientists need to see an animal in a zoo cage …

“It was scary and plausible. We felt like rabbits in front of a boa: absolutely helpless and defenseless … we just looked into the eyes of another, unknown world, incredibly far away, incredibly wrong.” The record made in the traveling American Journal of Ridgway and Blyth travelers about their meeting with the great sea serpent.
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The Great of Alexander

Alexander the GreatAlexander son of Philip was twenty when his father died. He was already famous for his gallantry, his riding skill and intelligence. Praised him a lot because tamed bronco, the famous Bucephalus, praised him also because he was also master the great philosopher Aristotle.
He said his love of letters was such that the Iliad with him until the war. His ardent nature, ambition it was a spur that would not let him rest. He had shown considerable military qualities in the battle of Chaeronea, and refined instruction he received, had made in his mind the most extensive ideas had no place. Could both conceive and execute major projects.
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Great Barrier Reef

Great, Barrier, ReefGreat Barrier Reef – one of the largest reef systems on the planet .. This reef system consists of 2,920 separate reefs and 910 islands and islets, which extends the length up to 2,575 km.

The reefs are located in the Coral Sea, near the coast of Queensland in northeast Australia. Large coral reef is visible even from outer space. This is one of the largest individual structures, which was created from a variety of living organisms.

In 1982 this area received the status of World Heritage sites. Since then, the Great Barrier Reef is considered one of the Seven Wonders of our modern world.

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