Glow over the graves of scientists will study

gravesAmerican Association for the study of anomalous phenomena has established a fund that will investigate the phenomenon of luminescence over the graves. Recently, similar phenomena are observed more and more frequently, and in different parts of the globe
Until recently, they tried to explain by natural causes, but the experiments have not confirmed …
From time immemorial a strange light phenomenon associated with ghosts. Thus, a mysterious phenomenon for many years now there near the town Asheville in South Carolina. It was called Brown Mountain Lights. Mysterious glow on the hillside have seen hundreds of people. Continue reading “Glow over the graves of scientists will study”

Red Square can disappear all the graves

Red Square may be exempt from all graves and move them into the open in Mytishchi Federal Military Memorial Cemetery. Immured in the Kremlin wall urns containing the ashes will be moved to a special Pantheon of 150 columbarium niches, decorated with red granite.

At the memorial in Mytishchi created special columbarium for possible reburial, told ” Interfax “lead author of the Federal Military Memorial Cemetery artist Sergei grief. Continue reading “Red Square can disappear all the graves”

Dolmen Koliha – the world’s only rock tomb with the graves of people

rock, tombThe Archaeologists exploring the dolmen “Koliha”, located on the territory of Adygea amazed at the skill of people who lived on this land about four thousand years ago. Inside the dolmen burials are of people for 450 years. All these facts can be called a dolmen in Adygea – the world’s only rock tomb with the graves of people. In the tomb were buried more than seventy people – men, women and adolescents, there is no person over 60 years and no baby.

Dolmen presented to the State Historical Museum for its 140th anniversary. Now this is the only museum in the world, in the exposition of which is now a dolmen weighing about 5 tons. Carry such an artifact in a museum, it’s like to move out of the Great Pyramid Valley of the Kings in the Cairo Museum. Continue reading “Dolmen Koliha – the world’s only rock tomb with the graves of people”

Wandering graves

Wandering, gravesThe autumn of 1928 Sir Arthur Hezlem was in passing in a small Scottish town Glenisvill. At the local cemetery almost 70 years ago, was buried in his grandfather’s brother, Sir Roger Hazel. In his youth, Roger started a quarrel with his father, fell into disgrace, was disinherited and expelled from the house. The young firebrand very long time wandering around the world until he found reassurance in poverty and freedom in the local glensvillskom cemetery. Over time Heyzlemov has become a tradition to visit his grave, and the last time, Sir Arthur was here no less than five years ago. However, he retained the memory location of the tomb of Roger, he remembered, and the adjacent tombstone with carved in granite angel.
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