Mystery of Texas grave next to Oswald’s solved

Texas graveNEW YORK (AP) — For years, curiosity seekers visiting the Fort Worth, Texas, grave of Lee Harvey Oswald have wondered about the simple headstone next door, marked Nick Beef.

It turns out Nick Beef is alive and living in New York.

The New York Times reports that the 56-year-old man who uses that name purchased the cemetery plot next to Oswald’s in 1975 and had the granite marker placed there in 1997.

Beef, born Patric Abedin, now lives in Manhattan and calls himself a nonperforming performance artist.

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The Czech Republic found a grave with the date 12/12/2012

GraveThe whole Czech Republic today with fear discussing the strange and ominous finding. The city Yihlava local history was discovered tombstone with this on it the date of death: 12.12.2012 year.At first, local historian could not believe my eyes – because the date indicated on the monument at the central cemetery of the town of Jihlava, has not even begun. Believing that if this was a joke, too terrible, the man decided to call the police.

Press secretary of the local police confirmed on Thursday, November 15, 2012, that this fact is the case. Moreover, the police began to search for “inmate” the grave of a Jozef K., whose name is also engraved on the stone.
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Face of Jesus appears on tree stump

A cemetary in Belfast has become the latest scene of an alleged case of divine intervention.

When an otherwise ordinary looking tree was felled at Belfast City Cemetery in west Belfast, visitors were stunned to discover that an image resembling that of the face of Jesus had appeared in the exposed tree stump.

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Grave Devil

Grave, DevilOne of the anomalous places of our planet, located in the Tien Shan. Kyrgyz tract Shaytan-Mazap (translated as the grave of the devil) Legendary fact that in 1991, here, allegedly crashed one of the unidentified flying objects. By the end of the matter was investigated, and it is still the mass of riddles and questions. Chief among them – where to evaporate huge UFO, collapsed in the Tomb of the devil?

But let’s start this story from the beginning and in order.

Scientists are still scratching their heads, which could disappear great device, crashed in the mountains of Tien Shan in Kyrgyzstan. More recently, ufologists had been there several expeditions. Provided data and reports on progress, stimulate a growing interest in the mystical accident.
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