Search of gold the Americans decided to drill in the area of dangerous volcano

Search GoldIn the pursuit of profit the Americans decided to pull characteristic mustache and drill more than 60 wells for the exploration of gold and silver near Mount St. Helens. Volcanologist shocked, because this volcano is considered to be extremely dangerous and its last eruption in 1980 was considered the largest in US history.

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The mystery of the origin of gold in the Universe

GoldThe gold in the cosmos could be shaped by the collision of neutron stars, scientists believe. Origin of gold remained unclear until the end, because, in contrast to the lighter fundamentals such as carbon and iron, it can not be formed directly inside the star. Edo Berger of the Smithsonian Astrophysical center seems to solve this mystery, watching gamma-ray bursts – the cosmic scale releases of radioactive energy. Berger and his colleagues studied the short gamma-ray burst GRB 130603B, caused by the collision of two neutron stars. He was seen by NASA spacecraft Swift and lasted less than two-tenths of a second. Continue reading “The mystery of the origin of gold in the Universe”

Fake gold sweep the world

GoldManhattan were discovered gold bars filled with tungsten. The scandal with the tungsten-filled gold began to grow exponentially when the investigation Australian channel Seven News found 300 fake gold bullion weight Perth Mint and the Chinese factory producing fake gold.

Investigating the incident were able to buy 300 gold ingots produced in China 1oz total sum of $ 300.
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A temple of gold that appears to float in India

temple Golden Temple of Amritsar is great from any angle. It is the holiest site of Sikhism, practiced by 25 million people and is located in the city of Amritsar in India Punjab province of Pakistan yaa half hour.

The Golden Temple in addition to imposing elegance is reflected in the water of their environment, as it is built on a platform in the pool of amrit, precisely to achieve that effect so special. The Golden Temple is the heart of a square surrounding the pond.
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Secrets of Fort Knox. In U.S. stores, instead of gold is tungsten

Fort KnoxThe fact that the dollar is not secured by anything – it’s a known fact. Now it turns out that absolutely do not know how much the U.S. is stored in the bins of gold, what percentage of gold – a real, and how much more tungsten bars yellow had time since the Clinton “raspolztis” the wide world, burdened repository of third countries difficult, according to the standard, but much less valuable content. In one of our previous publications, we have tried to explain what the qualitative difference between the current financial crisis from the old financial turmoil. And why, despite all the ugliness of the situation, it is most preferable to the alternatives, paired with a greater risk.
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GOLD closed with bricks

During the restoration of the altar of the Orthodox Church in the town Serge discovered the treasure.
As the editor of the newspaper Nizhneserginsky parish Anatoly Ponomarev, when construction workers uncovered the floor and began to dismantle the foundation, at the junction of brick and stone foundation, they found nearly 180 coins minted in the middle of the XIX century.
The coins were copper and silver, of various denominations.
Initially, the builders wanted to keep it as a souvenir or give collectors. However, the rector of the church father Constantine offered another version of the treasure.
Old-money spread out on the basis of a new foundation, adding a coin Soviet times the sample 1961 and 1991, as well as new coins
GOLD again closed with bricks…

Fort Englishman won the lottery three tons of gold

tons,goldOfficially declared winner of the main prize of the next lottery Euro-millions. They began to become British, whose name was not called for obvious reasons.. They had won 100.037 million euros, which photosensitive three tons of gold.

The man was the only one who was lucky enough to guess all seven lucky tsifr.V whole, drawing together some forty million lottery ticket holders who purchased tickets to this week’s “Euro-millions.
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