Riddle of the daughter of the gods

the gods daughterArriving in modern Egypt tourists, who are interested in its history, be sure to visit the pyramids. But not less popular and a tour to Luxor.

Local guides are fond of saying: He, who, having been in Egypt, had not visited Luxor, and did not see the most important thing. It was here in the XXI-XV centuries BC. e. stretched the grand capital of the ancient Egyptian kingdom, which the Egyptians themselves called Uaset and Greeks – more common in the West, the name of Thebes. Perhaps nowhere else in Egypt there is no focus monumental religious buildings, grand palaces and monuments of the Middle Kingdom. Continue reading “Riddle of the daughter of the gods”

Gods of Ancient Egypt

EgyptRich diverse and exotic pantheon of Egyptian gods. Pyramid Texts, inscribed inside the monumental tombs of the kings, and the surviving papyrus – the most ancient part of the Egyptian funerary and religious literature containing information about the period of the First time and the profound respect for the ancient Egyptians to their gods. Texts speak of the power and wisdom of the gods, their mysterious high-tech devices, about the objects of unknown purpose and function. In the trappings of Amun, Nute, Khonsu, Iha and numerous other gods revered in Egypt closer to our era of Ancient and Early Kingdoms, nothing of the sort occurred. First, who ruled in Egypt The ancient Egyptians believed that their civilization and all the knowledge of the priests got to them a legacy of the gods, who were the first to rule in Egypt. Continue reading “Gods of Ancient Egypt”

Hide and seek with the gods

CivilizationThe study of the two great ancient civilizations -(1) the Maya and (2)Aztecs, researchers invariably turn to mention a few other cultures, not less mysterious.
It is for certain is known only by the fact that the Aztecs did not build its famous Teotihuacan pyramids, whose age is estimated presumably more than two thousand years. Following the legend, the ancient Indian leaders found among the virgin forests completely empty and lifeless, but surprisingly
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The White Gods of Egypt

Egypt godA stone with an inscription carved in Hebrew. This incredible find is dated 1650 BC. In the Indian tribes who lived on the land, where they found an unusual stone, passed around the ancient tradition of “selecting a preacher.” Ostensibly he came from the east, healed people, taught crafts and sciences, as well as spread “divine revelation.”

These myths about the bearded White Gods of Pocono century occurred on the territory of South America. For example, the supreme deity of the Empire of the Incas believed the White God, whose name was Kon-Tiki Viracocha.
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The story of the king who wanted to be a god and king of the gods

KingMiracle was unbridled vanity Commagene king – Antiochus. The young king’s maternal line was a descendant of Alexander the Great, and on my father’s side came from the Persians, belonged to a noble Achaemenid dynasty.

The king was very young and very proud. He sincerely believed himself a man of quite exceptional, uniting in his person, and Darius, and Alexander, and therefore born for great things, and even immortality.
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Ancient gods Olympians aliens from other planets

godsThe ancient gods were more advanced races and humanoid creatures from other planets, where people worshiped, not understanding their techniques and methods of its work, as well as, probably, because of the appearance of aliens.

Most races were from other planetary systems, but the race was one of our solar system. According to some reports, it lives on the 12th planet of our system, described more Sumerians 6000 years ago (here – 12ya – including the sun and the moon, in fact – The 10th).
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