Way to God in the Indian

Indian SaduWhat it is – keep your finger up or stand on one foot for several years in a row, while voluntarily condemn himself to complete poverty and constant pilgrimage? Ask any sadhu – he will tell you. Unless, of course, did not give a ten-year vow of silence.

This strange, strange India

Imagine a man before. He is quite old, it withered body, long matted hair, sometimes passing into the same long beard. Facial and body – a thick layer of colorful makeup and clothes – only iron pants. Who is this? The patient, who escaped from a psychiatric hospital? Rock star at a concert? Continue reading “Way to God in the Indian”

The god of science-Nikola Tesla

god of scienceThe textbooks that the benefits of light and electricity gave us Thomas Edison, while genius whose innovative technologies that surprised and continue to amaze the world, closely sandwiched between science shelf Edward Teller and Thales of Miletus.

At the turn of the 20th century, electricity remained within reach of scientific curiosity – one of those concepts that hardly anyone could imagine at home performing daily routine work. Continue reading “The god of science-Nikola Tesla”

What god people walk the earth?

 walk the earthAccording to the research paper, published under the title The general picture of widespread religion. The Global Religious Landscape. Research Center Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, in general, 84% of the world’s population, which has 6.9 billion people, are considered believers.
The category of not belonging to any religion, are those people who do not belong to any religion – from atheists and agnostics, and ending with those who have spiritual beliefs, but do not consider themselves a traditional denomination. Continue reading “What god people walk the earth?”

God is the positive energy of life

energy of lifeThe Master Jesus the Christ we are aware of that because we lived, which calvary, children with sadness that we know caused the death of a man who just wanted to save us from evil and said that his Kingdom not of this world.
It’s that simple and great.
Today we remember Jesus a man who for more than two thousand years so loved mankind that by preaching salvation and expressing their truth gave his life and died for their beliefs and their faith Continue reading “God is the positive energy of life”

The mystery of God

mysterious worldA world of illusions, since they can be manipulated at will? The fact that the material world – a kind of protection from chaos. Imagine that you’re on a tiny island in the middle of an endless sea. You, at least, solid ground, and if you dive into the waves, they carry you to God knows where.
Rather, once people actually saw the world as chaotic as it is in reality. And have created the so-called physical reality, to avoid unwanted metamorphosis. In essence, this theory explains everything: the UFO, and the appearance of ghosts and telepathy and clairvoyance … After all, the “true” world, no boundaries, and it can be anything.
But if our world is an illusion, there must be some ultimate source that generated it. This is the mystery of God.
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The proofs of the existence of God

existence of GodTwo modest opening of U.S. astronomers from NASA questioned all established notions about the cosmos and man’s place in it. Scientists admit that they have a chance not only to prove the uniqueness of Earth in the Universe, but also confirm the existence of God.

Established notions of the birth of the universe from the Big Bang called into question the research group Space Flight Center NASA Goddard:-
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God broke the Hadron Collider

Hadron ColliderThe Large Hadron Collider (LHC), serious scholars have begun to express an assumption that often arise at the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) problems and issues – this “something more than coincidence.”

They believe that the noise has a very collider not to give scientists discover “incompatible with the nature of the” Higgs boson, dark matter and new dimensions, and therefore every effort CERN in this direction is doomed to failure.
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The confidence of the faith in God from the mind

AllahAll are People with methodical mind there is no belief in God – they are likely to adhere to non-belief. However, even people with well-developed intuition can doubt the faith, if you begin to solve multifaceted problems, say Canadian sociologists. Subtleties of faith, explored employees of the University of British Columbia, Will Gervais and Ara Norenzaryan. They conducted two experiments with 650 students. First, volunteers have written test on analytical skills, then respond to questions about the attitude toward religion. The researchers then compared the extent of their religion and rationality. Continue reading “The confidence of the faith in God from the mind”

Scientists Group have proved mathematically the existence of God!

GodPolish priest and mathematician Michal Geller awarded the prestigious prize Templtonskaya in the amount of 820 thousand euros for the work, which provides indirect evidence for the existence of God. It is reported that the theory of Professor not only contain evidence of the existence of God, but also cast doubt on the existence of the material world around us. And all the evidence is a complex mathematical formula.
At one time he was archbishop of Krakow Geller was approximate Pope John Paul II. Every summer, the Pope invited Geller and other theologians in his summer residence of Castel Gandolfo to discuss their research. Continue reading “Scientists Group have proved mathematically the existence of God!”

Location of God is now known

GodThe University of Missouri found a new location of God. This was done after they found that all the spiritual experiences of the world religions have a common source and are the processes occurring in the human brain.
As an example of spiritual processes, similar in all religions, it was considered a transcendental state, where a person partly loses its sense of itself in the process of meditation or prayer, and to communicate with the deity. The researchers found that this condition is achieved by reduction in activity in the right parietal part of the brain, according to Look.
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