Global warming will cause the extinction of entire

Global, warmingScientists said that in the new century, the cause of instability and disappearance of entire nations will be climate change. Polar ice may melt within 60 years, and then, life will change beyond recognition. Sea levels will rise so much that many coastal countries, in which lives a third of the world’s population – will go under the water.

According to the findings of UN experts, the cause of the anomalous warming is the so-called “greenhouse effect”. Seeing this danger, the state in 1997 signed the “Kyoto Protocol – an international agreement on reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
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The solar system is on the moon

The coldest place of the solar system is on the moon. That is the conclusion reached by researchers of NASA.

Scientists using modern equipment “Divayner” installed on the satellite “Lunar orbital reconnaissance”, managed to fix the temperature to minus 249 Celsius in a constantly dark craters on the Moon’s north pole, ITAR-TASS.

“Conditions in these areas, the natural satellite of the Earth – one of the most extreme in the solar system, – said Professor David Paige of the University of California. – During the day, the temperature at the equator may rise to 127 degrees Celsius and at night at the poles is very much down.

THEY were beautiful and joyful.

First, the dates.
If we take the cycle of the Maya – (about 5125 years) – then all the extant buildings can be dated from 10 thousand years BC.

Grounds of the pyramids in Egypt and America, the Sphinx is about 8 thousand BC – 3 thousand years BC

The history of modern civilization, if we believe the ancient texts has 7 thousand years. Pro is the talk of the book of Hindus and Jews. Egyptian priests insist that they too have seen praafinyan and Atlanta, but the first pharaohs, there are only three thousand years ago -t.e. after Noah’s flood.
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Air purifiers and ionizers station for our health

It has long been proved by science that man, his body, not just live in the environment, and considered it an element included in a complex system of the biosphere. Our health and well-being will depend directly on the surrounding space. In our bodies continually fall of matter from the environment, mainly with the breath, and very important to weather conditions and climate.

People, where the weather is not affected. Simply not find. On a sunny and bright day, we experience emotional rise in rainy overcast – depression and fatigue. With maturation there is a harsher reaction. Did you know that now, in Moscow you can buy specialized equipment – digital weather station, and you will become independent from the meteorologist, you do not need to wait until the radio or TV forecast? Continue reading “Air purifiers and ionizers station for our health”

Aquarius female

Enter into a relationship with her, we must remember that it also porodoksalna in love, as in everything else. She has enough fidelity, as in all strong signs when she is in love, but it is also a lack of emotion, like all air signs. With it you can have good Relationships, when to allow her freedom to follow their interests and to rotate among their friends. Never try to tie it to the stove or in the bedroom. Ask those who have already tried to do it. Her dreams are different from ours with you: it is for its star, which most of us do not see. It belongs to everyone and anyone. Her love can be nednoy and inspired, but it is always a kind of intangible quality that resembles a half-forgotten tune. Continue reading “Aquarius female”

Moon – a huge space ship?

There are a number of unexplained facts in relation to our satellite moon, which inadvertently leads to the idea that the moon is nothing but a giant spaceship that could be taken to an alien civilization many years ago. How long is the theory true, it is difficult to judge, but there is no plausible answer, which would contradict it. Despite the close study of the satellite, hundreds of experiments and six flights to the moon, they only gave rise to even more unanswered questions.
1. How many moon years: as it turned out, the moon is much older than we thought. Maybe even older than the Earth and the Sun. The approximate age of the Earth is 4.6 billion years, some of the same lunar rocks about 5.3 billion years old, and dust in these rocks are at least several billion years.
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Somewhere in the middle of July 1961 on the shores of Tasmania’s most violent storm broke out among all ever recorded in these places. Tasmania, an island nation that is included in the Commonwealth of Australia and, as can be seen on any map, located in the southern part of the roaring forties, famous for its terrible storms. During these storms ashore discarded any number of muddy water and debris washed off the old time, usually lay a huge heaps significantly higher than the highest tide mark.

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