Birthplace of human ancestors may not be Africa

placeScientists have found fossils of human ancestor’s size of a mouse, the structure of the body which indicates that they are of Asian descent and subsequent migration to Africa at least 39 million years ago, according to an article Wednesday in the research.
This discovery casts doubt on the dominant at the present time of submission of scientists about the origin of man and his ancestors, according to which the first anthropoids – the great apes, given subsequently beginning of the line of hominids – appeared on the territory of modern Egypt’s 37 million years ago.
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How to meet the World Wide Web?

My friends from time to time a question arises. How to get acquainted on the Internet. And I ask them to respond to the question. And why? Well as why. Because so many services and projects -. I, for instance, very much like Mobile Information, as there is everything have been thought or – this project is one of the oldest and most experienced and the base of a man with one of the vastest online.
Why learn to network when you can in real life, seeing a beautiful girl to approach quietly to her, try to meet and start a conversation.
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Exporter of life on planet Earth

A huge piece of the asteroid, dubbed Themis 24, which in 2009 was discovered the ice with the organic matter of different origin, possibly a “relative” of the asteroid, which have brought water to our planet Earth hundreds of billions of years ago. Since such data were American scientists from the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University and also University of Central Florida.
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Venus, the heavenly realms. Miracle of the city on the planet.

Hard to find any comfortable spot in the solar system, in which it might be stopped. have a good rest. Despite these difficulties, Geoffrey Landis (Geoffrey Landis), a genius from the center of Glenn – NASA is trying to convince us that Venus has a wonderful option. It’s all in the future, certainly not as realistic as the construction of apartments in Minsk , which you can buy right now.
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Mountains rise because glaciers

mountainsIrregularity and roughness of the mountain peaks, most scientists attribute the action of glaciers. Always been assumed that the ice, advancing and retreating, and destroys the surface, causing erosion of rocks and cuts off the top. Looks like Dr. Stuart Thomson (Stuart N. Thomson), University of Arizona and his colleagues at Yale University, the University of Chile and University of Illinois failed to disprove the conventional wisdom. Scientists studied the features of rocks in the mountain Terra Del Fuego in the southernmost Andes and concluded that at this point be frozen in ice in rocks, bonding them and not allowing to develop erosion. Continue reading “Mountains rise because glaciers”

Scientists Group have proved mathematically the existence of God!

GodPolish priest and mathematician Michal Geller awarded the prestigious prize Templtonskaya in the amount of 820 thousand euros for the work, which provides indirect evidence for the existence of God. It is reported that the theory of Professor not only contain evidence of the existence of God, but also cast doubt on the existence of the material world around us. And all the evidence is a complex mathematical formula.
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A Trojan asteroid, following the Neptune

Trojan, asteroidAccording to the researchers, on Thursday was a Trojan asteroid, the next beyond Neptune in its orbit around the sun. Trojan asteroid 62 kilometers in diameter, called 2008LC18, was discovered when astronomers tried to consider whether the so-called asteroids around the Lagrange point L5 around Neptune. Trojan asteroids – asteroids caught in the “dead zone”, where the gravitational pull of two large bodies such as planets and the Sun, the same way. This allows the object to be dragged in at the same speed at which the planet moves in its orbit around the Sun.
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GOLD closed with bricks

During the restoration of the altar of the Orthodox Church in the town Serge discovered the treasure.
As the editor of the newspaper Nizhneserginsky parish Anatoly Ponomarev, when construction workers uncovered the floor and began to dismantle the foundation, at the junction of brick and stone foundation, they found nearly 180 coins minted in the middle of the XIX century.
The coins were copper and silver, of various denominations.
Initially, the builders wanted to keep it as a souvenir or give collectors. However, the rector of the church father Constantine offered another version of the treasure.
Old-money spread out on the basis of a new foundation, adding a coin Soviet times the sample 1961 and 1991, as well as new coins
GOLD again closed with bricks…

On Titan, detecting life

Titan – the largest satellite of Saturn, the second largest moon in the solar system. It was opened in 1655 by Dutch astronomer Christian Huygens.

Titan is the first known satellite of Saturn – in 1655 he was discovered by Dutch astronomer Christian Huygens.

The diameter of the Titan – 5152 km, which is 50% more than the moon.

NASA experts found signs of life on the planet Saturn satellite Titan.
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Global warming threatens people’s lives

global ,warmingClimatologists at the University of New South Wales (Australia) and Purdue University (USA) showed that the rise in average surface temperature at 11-12 ˚ C will result in the fact that most of the human population will have to deal with the overheating of the body.

Scientists have examined relationship of global warming with an increase in the maximum temperature of wet bulb temperature (TW). This value is measured by a thermometer, wrapped a damp cloth and blown air flow. The evaporation of water, the intensity of which depends on the humidity, cool bulb, and it shows a lower value than the dry device transmits portal Kompyulenta.
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