In the repository “Doomsday” has accumulated half a million samples of seeds.

In the repository “Doomsday” had accumulated half million seed samples, reports Associated Press. Last grains trapped in the room, were the seeds of German pink tomatoes and wild strawberries from Russia, said Live Science.

Even in mid-2008, the repository contained only 250 thousand seeds. All it can hold 4.5 million samples.

Storage “Doomsday” was opened in 2008 and is located on Scabbard, a mere thousand miles from the North Pole. It is expected that scientists will gather in it the seeds of the majority of known plant species. Storage is able to survive such disasters as nuclear war or global warming.
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Truth and myths about global warming

Today there are few who doubt the fact of global warming. Scientific publications inform us that the content of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is increasing continuously, the ice in the Arctic is rapidly melting away, and the temperature on Earth has been growing steadily and promises by the end of this century to grow at 2 ° C, at a minimum. Yet in circles far from the science around this theme formed the various legends and myths, like around any phenomenon of global proportions. Those people who want to believe that everything would argue that the warming – is part of the fluctuations of the climate system. After warming and cooling in the past succeeded each other. Those people who, by contrast, tend to believe in the disaster, are worried that global warming will throw us into a new ice age, and even in our lifetimes. In order to understand this, one must understand how Earth’s climate system works, and consequently, to look into the past.
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