Global warming destroys Antarctic glacier

destroys Antarctic glacierThe current pace of climate change may cause instability of the Antarctic ice core, which will lead to a rise in sea level by more than two meters, the scientists believe. The findings of a new study relating to the future Totten Glacier, which occupies a large part of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet and affect this one of the world’s largest glacier areas.

Studying the history of advances and retreats of the glacier Totten, the researchers found that if climate change continues, the glacier can cross the critical threshold for the next century, having entered into an irreversible period of very rapid retreat. Continue reading “Global warming destroys Antarctic glacier”

The first half of 2015 was abnormally warm

Global wormingThe first half of 2015 in Russia, as well as in the Northern Hemisphere, it was the warmest in the history of meteorological observations in the world. The past June in most parts of the country was abnormally warm.

Only on Sakhalin Island, in the north of Primorye and the south of Kamchatka, and in part Kaliningrad, Pskov, Arkhangelsk Oblast and the Republic of Karelia the average air temperature was a little lower than normal. In the rest of the country, it has exceeded it. In the Urals, Western Siberia and the Lower Volga – by 4-6 degrees. Continue reading “The first half of 2015 was abnormally warm”

Peru is retreating due to global warming

Natural warmingPeruvian province of Cusco threatens the melting of glaciers in the Andes, is happening because of climate change. The scientists, glaciologists from the University of Ohio State since the mid 70-years of the last century, watching the phenomenon.

Now we are in Cusco and ready to move on to the ice cap Kelkkayya. This is the place we study since 1974. Our goal this year – first of all, take a picture of Corey Kalis glacier.According to Professor Lonnie Thompson, a team of researchers takes photos of natural ice every two or three years. Continue reading “Peru is retreating due to global warming”

Global warming turns keen on a global cooling

Global warming Increase in air temperature in the Northern Hemisphere, growing in the past 37 years, slowed down, according to Russian scientists of Kazan Federal University – to about 2042 our star luminosity reaches a minimum, resulting in planetary temperature has dropped to 1-1.5 degrees, while significantly increase the contrast between the temperature at the equator, which is almost unchanged, and in the high latitudes, where expected to be very cold winter.

We analyzed the average long-term values and variability of air temperature; barometric pressure and wind speed in the Northern Hemisphere in 1948-1913, respectively, and found that after a long period of intense warming began a period of intense cold snap – told Trend. Continue reading “Global warming turns keen on a global cooling”

Global warming will turn people into pygmies

pygmiesScientists in the U.S. have found that because of global warming 55 million years ago to reduce the size of animals. Now the process of global warming, and eventually people will become dwarfs. Climate affects the size of the body of people.

Pygmies of Africa, the Indians of the Amazon rainforest, the Aborigines of Tasmania, stunted tribes of Burma and other hot areas – a clear confirmation. Where all the time wet and hot, human growth may slow down. Continue reading “Global warming will turn people into pygmies”

A few steps to save the world

worldThere is nothing complicated about to see are not flowing to taps in the bathroom and the kitchen. But from a dripping tap per day could leak up to 200 gallons of water – as much each of us spends the whole day! Also worth off the tap when brushing your teeth, to rinse your mouth with just one cup of water. Replace conventional light bulbs to energy saving in the home – they are sold in every store. But even after you do, try to make the most of natural light. And, of course, do not forget to turn off the lights when leaving the house. Keep warm – just as important as water and electricity. One of the most effective ways to save energy is to set the thermostat on the heating registers: Continue reading “A few steps to save the world”

What will the future of our climate?

climateClimate models and the latest IPCC data depict four different developments in the field of demography, economy and ecology in the century. In the latest report of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that by 2100 the Earth will heat up by 0.3 – 4,8 ° C compared to the end of the XX century. Why such a large range of values? It all depends on the choices we make now: where we take food and energy, how to build a house, what kind of cars to drive. Of course, the huge role played by the number of population. Our choice will affect as many as to what will happen to the planet. Will it be the same as it is now, or did the water will flood Florida and Bangladesh, and climate change will transform the fertile land in the arid and uninhabitable? sake of simplicity, climatologists agreed to model the future in accordance with the two extreme scenarios and the two lying the middle. Continue reading “What will the future of our climate?”

Global warming will not be? Advancing ice

iceThe ice cover has increased after the 2012 were recorded record lows of its area. Six years before the BBC aired this forecast, in which global warming will leave the Arctic ice-free in summer 2013. Actually, even before the period of the annual autumn freeze solid layer of ice covered area with half of Europe stretched from the Canadian islands to the northern coast. Northeast West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific has been locked ice a year. Ice stood in the way of more than 20 yachts intending to pass on it, and a cruise ship, trying to go down this route, was forced to return. Continue reading “Global warming will not be? Advancing ice”

Global warming could leave people without coffee

The temperature rise in the core coffee countries fell sharply crops. And then he crawled up the price. biggest shock test arabica, which accounts for about 75% of global consumption. Plantations of varieties occupy large areas. But the tree arabica very capricious: Give him the temperature from 18 to 21 degrees C. A little higher or lower, and the yield drops sharply. And the grain does not grow those. moodiness arabica and moisture. In the formation of buds trees should be dry and at flowering, on the contrary, the moisture. With the growth and maturation of the fruit generally requires rains and intense. Continue reading “Global warming could leave people without coffee”

Scientists have established that global warming to blame earthquake

Natural WarmingA strong earthquake that occurred in 1945 in the northern part of the Arabian Sea, the atmosphere was thrown more than seven million cubic meters of methane.

The discovery suggests that there are natural sources of greenhouse gases that were not previously considered by scientists in the projections. As the greenhouse gas methane is 20 times stronger than carbon dioxide, but its content is significantly lower than in the atmosphere. Huge amounts of methane locked in ice structure called gas hydrates. Methane deposits are located in the permafrost in Siberia and Alaska, as well as on the sea floor, from a depth of 500 meters.

Continue reading “Scientists have established that global warming to blame earthquake”