Global warming turns keen on a global cooling

Global warming Increase in air temperature in the Northern Hemisphere, growing in the past 37 years, slowed down, according to Russian scientists of Kazan Federal University – to about 2042 our star luminosity reaches a minimum, resulting in planetary temperature has dropped to 1-1.5 degrees, while significantly increase the contrast between the temperature at the equator, which is almost unchanged, and in the high latitudes, where expected to be very cold winter.

We analyzed the average long-term values and variability of air temperature; barometric pressure and wind speed in the Northern Hemisphere in 1948-1913, respectively, and found that after a long period of intense warming began a period of intense cold snap – told Trend. Continue reading “Global warming turns keen on a global cooling”

On Earth wafted threat of global cooling

cooling earthThe likelihood that in the near future Earth awaits a new ice age is quite high, because solar activity reached a minimum in the last hundred years. Because of the sleepy gas sphere in the center of the solar system, as it light that Daily Mail, people will be faced with all the charms of global cooling.

The likelihood of such a development is 20%, and changes in weather to fully be felt after 40 years, Speaking of reducing the activity of the Sun, Continue reading “On Earth wafted threat of global cooling”