Warming of 1.5 degrees lead to global catastrophe

greenhouse effectHotness rises by just one and a half degrees will release huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, only hastening global warming, according to a study published by the United Nations.

Specialists note that the warming in Siberia can release more than 1,000 gigatons of carbon dioxide and methane. Will be sufficient to simplify the process of raising the temperature.
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Secret recordings of Gray cardinals global climate

global climateEnvironment of Norway Bard Vergara Solhel made public the contents of crumpled piece of paper. The paper was pulled from the ballot box, but its contents are highly reasonable efforts Norwegians, as a small piece contains a decision on what will be the future of our planet’s climate.

Handwriting on paper are preliminary calculations vote on key issues in the climate negotiations in Doha. In an interview with the newspaper “Aftenposten” Solhel minister, who translated the contents of the note to your language using online translator, said that the objections of the delegation in Doha were previously considered and deliberately ignored. Continue reading “Secret recordings of Gray cardinals global climate”

How much warmer climate?

climate The Earth’s climate will warm by four degrees Celsius, experts said the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and the nonprofit organization Climate Analytics.

Turn Down the Heat. The world could face a rise in sea level, which will lead to the flooding of coastal cities, food shortages and extreme weather changes, the experts of the World Bank in a new report, Turn Down the Heat. As is listed in the report, climate change will affect all regions of the world, with the arid lands will become even drier, humid areas – even wetter.
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Global warming is already over 15 years

Natural WarmingGlobal warming stopped 15 years as then stopped growing average temperature, according to a report by the UK Meteorological Agency.

Sensational data released last week and based on measurements from 3 thousand weather stations indicate that from early 1997 to August 2012, the average annual temperature remained at the same level, whereas in the previous period – from 1980 to 1996. – It is continuously growing. Previously for about 40 years, the temperature was stable and even declined, the report said.
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Global Warming Conspiracy

global warming Although about 97% of current scholars agree that the available evidence points to the existence of a warming trend caused by human activity, public opinion in matters of climate change is split according to party affiliation.

According to a report published in 2011 by the Institute of Kars University of New Hampshire, Democrats are more likely to “believe” in global warming than Republicans. Most often about his unbelief deniers and skeptics say, deeply convinced of his views on climate change.
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Global change in the Earth’s ecosystem

ecosystemThe University of Frankfurt Goethe Scientists studied the African savannah, and came to the conclusion that the savanna may soon turn into a forest. What will happen to its inhabitants? After living in the vast savannahs are a huge variety of animals.

It seems that the emergence of new forests to be a good thing, because the forests are being cut down on the planet and their territories are reduced. But if it will be due to the unique environment and also would threaten the existence of a huge number of animals, it can not be considered as a good thing.
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Spiritual evolution

evolutionThe human species and leading to an evolutionary leap. For thousands of years different cultures around the world have been attributed to the sun a special role. It is remarkable how he was revered by some civilizations that reached high levels of cultural development in the past, like the Egyptian, where he was revered as a god (Ra and Aton), or maya, that deified him with the name of Kinich Ahau, or the Inca worshiped him as Inti.

All these people were in the sun more than a celestial object. For them it was the very divinity manifested to men. For this reason was the object of worship. One might think that this spiritual identification with a giant-sized fireball was a superstition born of scientific ignorance.
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Global climate freezing change

Global climateFreezing lost more ice than on record, which started in 1979, BBC reports, and citing data from NASA. According to scientists, the changes are primary and threaten global climate change. In addition the level of the sea ice usually reaches its lowest point in September, so it is possible to further declines.

Now the area of the Freezing covered by sea ice is 1.58 million square meters. miles (4.10 million square meters. kilometers). For comparison, in September 2007, the figure was 1.61 million square meters. miles (4.17 million square meters. kilometers). Notes that over the past three decades, the level of ice in the Freezing has decreased by 13%, and decreases not only the area of ice cover – and reduced ice thickness.
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The world as a global and unrelated

World endThe logic is simple-everything has a beginning and an end therefore, the world, existing, and should have a beginning, and thus the end. So thought the Taoists and the Brahmins, Orphism and the Stoics, perhaps before this idea came from the Aztecs and Mayans.

But nowhere is it did not take the form “prophecy”, except in the Middle East, where 1. BC spread Christianity. That Christians have suggested that they may know the date of future PD. And in no other culture than the Christian culture of Western Eurasia (including Russia), this idea has no meaning.
Conclusion: The idea of certainty the date of PD is an artificial construct, remembers the people of the Christian past of their culture.
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Top 10 of global threats to the July 2012

global threatsSwaps on U.S. default grown for 3 months at 430 percent and the S & P has downgraded the first time in the history of the United States of sovereign debt rating. While the European debt crisis seemed contained, and China’s economic growth seemed to be generally not affected, and fueled the world’s GDP.

So it is hardly surprising that the collapse of the dollar analyst firm Oxford Analytica last year was the most urgent global risk (see table below), which could carry along the rest of the world into a tailspin.
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