Hyper giant’s possible murderer of earth

GalaxyThe ancient times star involved people and the beauty of its inaccessibility. Sciencefor centuries studying the stars. But what do we know about them? What do we know about the cosmos?

It turns out that in the universe there is a lot of space objects that could potentially pose a threat to our planet. A scientist has for decades watching scary flash of gamma radiation resulting from the explosion of stars in distant corners of the universe. As a rule, such explosions occur at intervals of several years.
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Secret transportation of the stone giants of Easter Island

secret transportationThe U.S. Scientists during the experiment found the ancient inhabitants of Easter Island moved the giant stone statues.

A team of scientists led by professor of anthropology and archeology, Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo able to concretely demonstrate how the giant monolithic stone statues, glorified the island in the world, transported from the mines in which they were made, the sacred places on the island, where they were placed in groups of seven or eight idols. This is not about aliens or intervention on the transportation of the statues on the trunks of trees in a horizontal position.
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Myth or reality giants.

mythAll new truths-they begin as heresies and end as superstition. The Sao were so large that their bows were built with palm trunks and their whole bowls resembled large funerary jars, they could hold two men sat. They caught without a net, blocking the rivers of their hands they hippos took an unarmed when they spoke their voices thundered like the growl of thunder … e they had white skin..
This could be the text of a story to tell to children near a fireplace, in the evenings cold and ice of winter when you can not leave the house, or simply the viaticum to lull children have trouble sleeping, as have generations of parents, sitting on one side of the bed of their children, armed with a book of fables or just with their own imagination.
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