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Germany mountains Shternenfels exposed pyramid

discovered pyramidIn Germany enthusiast are digging a stepped pyramid at Mount Halternecks. A group led by Walter Haug for several years has been excavated stepped pyramid at Mount Sternness.

Excavation continues at the present time. According to Walter Haug, on the site where there are stones of varying quality and processing technologies from the primitive to the sawing and grinding. Found walls, stairs, arches, altar and paintings on stone. Read the rest of this entry »

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Federal Archives of Germany found a tutorial for brides Nazis

Three-quarters of a century later, the world saw the true ideals of the Third Reich’s family a set of rules prospective brides of SS officers. The wives of the Nazis had to be not only a purebred German woman, but also taught manners and impeccable housekeeping. Only if they were given the coveted wedding certificates.

Schools brides where the girls take the course of his young wife, Gertrud Scholtz-headed Klink – the ideological leader of the Nazi brides, head of the National Socialist Women’s Organization and the main female Third Reich. Read the rest of this entry »

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World oldest wooden structures in Germany

wooden structuresThe world oldest wooden buildings in the world were discovered by German archaeologists from the University of Freiburg. The excavations near Leipzig, Saxony, were found wooden oak represent wells, the oldest in Europe. Researchers believe that the wells were constructed in the period from 5206 – 5098’s. BC
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