German scientists: this year will be a warm wave

Heat waveGerman scientists have provided the public the following forecast: in the current year should be a heat wave, as this year promises to be the hottest really throughout the history of meteorological observations.

Incidentally, such a statement of German scientists is very bold, because modern supercomputers offer more correct predictions with the deadline – a week.

German experts justified prediction study so famous events such as , which has a cyclic character. We are talking about the warm water, which is hidden under the surface of the Pacific Ocean. It was she, rising up, and propagates along the equator to America, is able to determine the climate for such a long time. Continue reading “German scientists: this year will be a warm wave”

German scientists have found the oldest in the world of weapons

A team of German paleontologists from the University of Tübingen, said that the ingenuity of people is far more ancient roots than you might expect. Researchers found eight remarkably well-preserved examples of ancient copies, which are more than 300 000 years. In fact, the German scientists have found the oldest models of weapons, created by human hands. Continue reading “German scientists have found the oldest in the world of weapons”

Discovered a German ship Goya

gOYAPolish expedition discovered Hitler’s ship the Goya, flooded by a Soviet submarine in the last stage of World War II.
Shipwreck lies at a depth of 75 meters a few miles from the shore of the Baltic Sea, north of the town Rozeve, said expedition leader Company pioneers Krzysztof Starnavsky.
“Made us photos, visit ruins of the ship in place, compared with the surviving documents give no reason to doubt that this” Goya “, – he told the Polish Press Agency. Continue reading “Discovered a German ship Goya”