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Geography of Hell

geography ,hellAccording to many religious teachings of the souls of sinners after death enter into a special place where they are doomed to always suffer. Hell is located underground. That word comes from the Greek Hades, which means “underworld”. Since ancient times, people wondered what it looks like hell, how it works. Some of the prophets and clairvoyants possessed the ability to see hell. Church Fathers and writers have tried to describe this terrible place in their works.

Descriptions are often different, and a single card hell so far no one has made. However, there are some data that no one in doubt. The distinguishing feature is the presence of hell fire (Gehenna fire), sulfur and smoke, most writers point to the unbearable heat. “Darkness”, “Twilight” – use words such writers and theologians to describe the situation in the underworld.
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Geography of Bermuda Triangle

The vertices of the triangle (see map) are Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami, Florida (or southern cape of Florida). However, these boundaries are not considered too punctually. Proponents of the existence of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle is well aware that in this case is excluded from its limits a very important area of water north of Cuba and Haiti. Therefore, the triangle in different ways correct: some acceding part of the Gulf of Mexico or even the entire bay completely, others – the northern part of the Caribbean Sea.
Many continue the Bermuda Triangle to the east to the Atlantic Ocean up to the Azores, some overly zealous head with joy pushed to its limit even further to the north. Consequently, the Bermuda triangle is not strictly limited geographical area, as, for example. Read the rest of this entry »

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