Scientists have identified a gene unusual dual

geneU.S. universities have come to the conclusion that one of the genes contributing to the emergence of cancer, at the same time involved in the prevention of atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries.

This gene called Akt1. In recent years, it was shown that the enzyme of the same name, the synthesis of which he starts, protects cells with structural abnormalities of genetically programmed cell death – apoptosis. As a result, they continue to multiply, and in the end often undergo malignant transformation.
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Human longevity and immortality Hydra meets the same gene

human FoxOGeneticists have discovered that the freshwater polyp Hydra remains forever young by constantly working gene FoxO, which is also found in humans. If in the future doctors will learn to control its operation, it will bring humanity to the problem of aging.
The research, carried out by German experts from Keele University, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

It is known that the hydra do not reproduce sexually and by budding. Therefore, in their bodies, there are always active stem cells, ready to give rise to different tissues in the event that the hydra will cut into pieces or she will begin to asexual reproduction. Scientists have suggested that the presence of stem cells in the bodies of polyps may be related to gene expression FoxO.
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The scientists discovered the gene for human aging and have learned to manage

humanJapanese universities Osaka Hokkaido and Chiba managed to advance to the quality, to learn how to prevent aging of the person and provide him with a permanent youth. Told reporters here today, a representative of the research team – Professor Issei Komuro.

There are still many obstacles to the practical application of our development – he said. – However, we obtain a result that one step brings us closer to realizing the dream of mankind – the prevention of aging. ”
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